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Art & Design Foundations

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All first-year Art & Design students at the Community College of Aurora begin their creative education with an art and design foundation experience.

This course cluster offers students a rigorous foundation in the core areas of art and design, including drawing, creativity, design, technology, and presentation.

The art and design foundation is modeled after the first year of many art and design schools who require their students to complete a foundational curriculum before they can specialize in a specific area. As such, it offers students the opportunity to explore the creative fields and their own strengths before they determine a direction.

Students will develop a portfolio that will prepare them to apply for the BFA program of their choice, within any artistic discipline. They will also be poised to complete an associate degree in Fine Art, Illustration, or Graphic Design at CCA and then enter the professional field.

Courses in the Art & Design Foundations
Semester 1

  • Drawing 1
  • Creativity & Visual Thinking
  • 2D Design
  • Art History 1

Semester 2

  • Drawing 2*
  • 3D Design
  • 4D Design
  • Art History 2

      *Options based on transfer goals

The foundation skills developed and degrees completed at CCA are designed to be highly transferable, regardless of goal. Whether transferring to a BFA program or entering the marketplace, students will find themselves prepared to succeed.

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