Art Students

Students in the Art Department at the Community College of Aurora are provided with a tool, hosting and support to develop an online portfolio. The development and management of this portfolio is embedded into the coursework of various classes.

In managing an online portfolio throughout their education, students are able to evolve content, develop professional practices, and prepare, capture and showcase their work online. Students retain their portfolios as alumni to ensure they have the tools necessary to be successful in the industry.

Student Portfolios

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Student Testimonials

Aryana Hatami - Art and Marketing focus at Denver University

"CCA has definitely prepared me for a four-year university. There are plenty of little things to remind me of that. The workload at CCA was bigger than the workload at DU (I’m not complaining at all about that). The policy around showing up on time for class at CCA was, in my opinion, a little harsh, but it’s certainly distracting when half the class shows up twenty minutes late (it happens a lot at DU). Also, I really miss the no cell phone policy that most professors had. I didn’t realize how distracting it would be if everyone is constantly checking for texts or emails or whatever. Is there was anything CCA could have done to prepare me better? I honestly can’t think of anything. I had a great time there. The department was great, the facilities were great, and I made some great friends. Obviously, there are pros and cons to both institutions, but to be perfectly honest, I miss CCA."



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