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Curriculum: Graphic Design

The AAS degree in Graphic Design prepares students for entry into the commercial and artistic field of design for web, publishing and interactive media. Students will develop technical and critical thinking skills related to producing effective visual communication.

Courses are a combination of traditional classroom instruction, and a "hybrid" format, requiring students to complete a significant portion of learning outside of class. The design computer labs are available for student use when classes are not in session and a dedicated Art & Design computer and printing lab is available for students.

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Graphic design is an exciting and highly competitive creative career. There is a wide range of graphic design job opportunities available to those with a strong portfolio and professional work ethic.

Community College of Aurora’s Art and Design department offers graphic design classes that provide foundational skills that stand out among Denver community colleges and can enhance future prospects.

In order to be a successful graphic designer, one must first be well versed in the creative process. Community College of Aurora offers a rigorous foundation through its graphic design classes in the core areas of drawing, creativity, design, technology, and presentation. The Art and Design department encourages foundational excellence in faculty, staff, and students while allowing students to explore concept, communication, creative thinking, artistic disciplines, and technology.

At Community College of Aurora, we believe that the education gleaned via each carefully built graphic design class goes beyond the tools (software and hardware). The idea, not the software, must drive the creative process and end result. Enrolling in the graphic design program will help you to become a graphic designer who is a creative problem solver, not a software technician. This approach makes you, the graphic designer, a valuable asset to any organization.

At the Art and Design Department at Community College of Aurora we believe in a philosophy of experiential learning in our graphic design courses. Students in the graphic design program will have an opportunity to work in a design studio environment, and complete real life projects for the college and the community.

The Art & Design department groups its graphic design classes in such a manner that two degrees are available:

Professional graphic designers create logos, brands, user interfaces, direct mailers, web sites, mobile applications, billboards, posters, marketing campaigns – in every hour of your life, you have interacted with something created by a graphic designer.

Take just one graphic design course at CCA and you’ll be hooked on one of the top graphic design programs among Denver, Colorado colleges.

For more information regarding career options, salary ranges, educational opportunities, and physical and sensory requirements for working in graphic design and the web, please see CCA’s Multimedia Arts Plan of Study.



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