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Web Design Classes

Web design is a specialized field within graphic design that focuses on interactive, on-screen digital media. Web design goes beyond web page layout and design, encompassing mobile applications, mobile sites, interactive graphics, motion graphics, and user interface design.

There is a wide range of graphic design job opportunities available to those with an interest in web design and a strong portfolio with a professional work ethic. Almost all graphic design jobs require some understanding and experience designing for the web and on screen.

As is true with the broader field of graphic design, in order to be a successful web designer, one must first be well versed in the creative process.

The web design program at Community College of Aurora offers a rigorous foundation that sets it apart from many other web design programs among Denver, Colorado, colleges by offering web design courses in the core areas of drawing, creativity, design, technology, and presentation. The Art and Design department encourages foundational excellence in faculty, staff, and students in each web design class while allowing students to explore concept, communication, creative thinking, artistic disciplines, and technology.

At Community College of Aurora, we believe that a web design program should go beyond software and hardware tools. The idea, not the software, must drive the creative process and end result. Enrolling in the graphic design degree program will help you to become a graphic designer who is a creative problem solver, not a software technician. This approach is imbued in every CCA web design course and makes you, the designer, a valuable asset to any organization.

At the Art and Design department at Community College of Aurora we believe in a philosophy of experiential learning. Students in the web design program will have an opportunity to work in a design studio environment and complete real life projects for the college and the community.

CCA's Art & Design department excels among community colleges in Denver by offering a degree in graphic design with an emphasis in web design.

An A.A.S. in Graphic Design with an emphasis in web design allows students to take all web design classes related to the general degree while focusing studies specifically for the web.

Professional graphic designers who specialize in web design create logos, brands, user interfaces, web sites, mobile applications, mobile sites, games, online marketing campaigns – if you use a computer, the Internet or a smartphone, you have interacted with something created by a web designer.


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