Behavioral Sciences Events & Upcoming Courses


The Behavioral Sciences Depart hosts and supports a number of events across the college. We would love to see you at them! 

Department Events:

  • Take Back the Night - April
  • Safe is Sexy - November
  • Study Sessions - Each Semester

Department-Supported Events:

  • Sessions related to the Integrated Big Read Program 
  • Confluence - CCA's student conference, offering opportunities to present their work to fellow scholars and the community
  • Honors Symposium - a brunch where students who have participated in the Honors Program share their work

Course Offerings

Each semester, the department offers a variable selection of 200-level courses, to ensure we can offer a wider range of opportunities to our students. Some courses are offered each semester, some each year, and others in a three-semester cycle.  Take a look below for our upcoming offerings!  

Fall 2020 Course Offerings

Fall 2020 Course Offerings
Psychology of Gender (PSY 205) Human Sexuality (PSY 217) Sociology of Diversity (SOC 218)
Promoptional image for Psychology of Gender, PSY 205-0A0, Fall 2020; text: "Explore concepts of gender with Dr. Jennifer Dale. We will examine many topics related to the psychology of gender, including the impact of intersections between gender and: race, family life, class, sexual behavior, work, and courtship. Enroll today!"
Promotional image for Human Sexuality, PSY 217-0A0, Fall 2020; text: "Sexuality is a wonderful, varied, and often taboo human experience. Explore the physiological, psychological, and social aspects of human sexuality with Dr. Jennifer Dale. Enroll today!"
Promotional image for Sociology of Diversity, SOC 218-0A0, Fall 2020; text: "Learn about intergroup relations across identities, as well as how to recognize patterns of prejudice, discrimination, and explore possible solutions to these issues. Enroll today!"
Social Psychology (PSY 226) Abnormal Psychology (PSY 249) Sociology of Deviant Behavior (SOC 231)
Promotional image for Social Psychology, PSY 226-0A0, Fall 2020; text: "Have you ever wondered why we act the way we do around different people or in different scenarios? Examine the behavior of humans in a wide variety of social settings and the influence we have on each other in those settings. Enroll today!"
Promotional image for Abnormal Psychology, PSY 249-0N0, Fall 2020; text: "What does "abnormal" mean when discussing psychology and mental health? Together, we will examine mental health issues, illnesses, disorders, and treatments, as well as the societal factors that impact our mental health. Enroll today!"
Promotional image for Sociology of Deviant Behavior, SOC 231-0A0, Fall 2020; text: "What is deviant behavior? How do social institutions and societies define what is or isn't deviance? How do groups attempt to control, change, or treat those behaviors, attitudes, or conditions? Join us in exploring answers to those questions and more! Enroll today!"



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