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Psychology Courses

CCA’s psychology courses examine topics such as the role of the brain in behavior and emotions, sleep deprivation, sexuality, gender, hypnosis, learning and conditioning, mental disorders, intelligence, language development, and much more.This page reflects the courses you can find offered on-campus.  

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PSY 101: General Psychology I (gT)
Focuses on the scientific study of behavior including motivation, emotion, physiological psychology, stress and coping, research methods, consciousness, sensation, perception, learning, and memory.

PSY 102: General Psychology II (gT)
Focuses on the scientific study of behavior including cognition, language, intelligence, psychological assessment, personality, abnormal psychology, therapy, life span development, sex, gender, sexuality, and social psychology.

PSY 205: Psychology of Gender (gT)
Examines gender comparisons in work, courtship, family life, and sexual behavior throughout the life span.

PSY 217: Human Sexuality (gT)
Surveys physiological, psychological, and psychosocial aspects of human sexuality. Topics include relationships, sexual identity, and sexual health.

PSY 226: Social Psychology (gT)
Focuses on the behavior of humans in a wide variety of social settings and the social influences humans have on each other in those settings.

PSY 235: Human Growth and Development (gT)
Examines human development from conception through death, emphasizing physical, cognitive, emotional, and psychosocial factors.

PSY 238: Child Development (gT)
Focuses on the growth and development of the individual, from conception through childhood, emphasizing physical, cognitive, emotional, and psychosocial factors.

PSY 245: Educational Psychology
Focuses on the relationships between theory, research, and practice in areas of learning, child development, motivation, and educational assessment.

PSY 249: Abnormal Psychology (gT)
Examines abnormal behavior and its classification, causes, treatment, and prevention.

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