Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management

CCA’s business department is committed to not only helping students become prepared for a career in business, but also to fostering the entrepreneurial spirit here in Colorado. We currently offer the following programs to help aspiring business owners plan, launch, and grow their own business in a supported environment: Entrepreneurial Launch Certificate, Entrepreneurial Studies Certificate, and CCA Launchpad, an on-campus business incubator. Several $1,000 scholarships have been set aside specifically for students in these programs.

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Visit this page to ask a question and request more information about CCA's Entrepreneurship programs and the available $1,000 scholarships. You can also contact Arthur Vaughn, Business Department Chair at arthur.vaughn@ccaurora.edu for more information.

Students declaring the Associate of Arts Core degree plan here at CCA may choose to add either the ENP Launch or the ENP Studies certificate, both of which are built-in components of the AA Core degree. Upon completion of 60 credit hours in the AA Core degree students may choose to either transfer all 60 credits to any public 4-year institution in Colorado to continue their education OR ENP students can also launch their business idea and enter the Launchpad to grow their venture and start generating revenue. 

Our Entrepreneurship Programs are designed to fit within existing programs and are not necessarily JUST for business majors.  In almost every discipline there are entrepreneurs innovating and changing the climate in their respective industries and the Business Department is here to support the innovative people in our community while they conceptualize, launch, and grow their business ideas into sustainable enterprises. The ENP Programs here at CCA are centered in real-world scenarios and allow students to learn about business while building a business. If you are interested in blazing your own trail, click the links below to learn more about each of the programs here on campus.

We offer the following programs in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management:

Funding Your Business: In an effort to provide our entrepreneurs with flexible and customized business funding options, CCA has established a partnership with Community Enterprise Development Services(CEDS), a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to provide the residents of Aurora access to small and medium-sized business loans. CEDS offers seed and acceleration funding options for CCA’s Entrepreneurs with flexible repayment terms in order to help our students establish and grow new businesses. Find out more about this exciting opportunity through CEDS and CCA.

Need help with advising? Contact the Business Department’s Pathways Advisor: Thomas Lucero - (303) 340-7508- thomas.lucero@ccaurora.edu

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