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Entrepreneurial Boot Camp

The ENP Boot Camp is a Community Education program designed to assist community members that are not interested in a traditional for-credit educational experience but are interested in exploring the idea of entrepreneurship and small business management. The ENP Boot Camp has been scheduled with busy working adults in mind as all sessions will be hosted using an online self-paced delivery method. Sessions are robust experiences that give the current or prospective business owner insight into the nuances of planning, starting, growing, and managing a small business. The Boot Camp curriculum has been developed by college faculty and often features input from community experts in specific areas of business including marketing, management, business finance, and business law.  The sessions listed below all run concurrently and start at the beginning of each month. Participants are welcome to register for one or more of the workshops during each session and all participants will have until the end of the month to complete their workshop. Participants can then register for the next workshop in the series during the next month. The progression of the workshops is designed to be as flexible as possible allowing community members to get what they need out of their experience. After finishing all 7 workshops, participants will be mailed a certificate of completion signifying to stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, and investors) that the participant has successfully completed a rigorous program in small business creation and management. Each workshop is $40.00 which covers all instruction, materials, and technology use during the session as well as a 1 hour consulting session with faculty or experts to ask questions specific to the participant’s personal business situation. Contact the CCA Business Department for information on session dates, times, and registration procedures.


ENP Boot Camp Workshops

Starting a New Business    7
Managing a Small Business 7
Legal Aspects of Small Business   7
Financing for Small Business 7
Record Keeping for Small Business 7
Marketing for Small Business 7
Starting a Business Plan 7

Dan Clarke, Lead Faculty for Entrepreneurship, Phone: (303) 340-7204, dan.clarke@ccaurora.edu Lowry West Quad Building 105A

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