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Computer Programming

Computer programming encompasses design, writing, testing, debugging and maintaining source code. The type of programmer a student wants to become will determine, in large part, his or her course work.

CCA offers major foundational pieces in this area, such as Logic and Program Design, Programming for the Internet, and an array of basic and advanced “C” programming, including C# and C++, and Java.

To be successful in the programming field, you'll need a wide range of technical skills that can take years to master on your own. This do-it-yourself approach may appeal to certain hobbyists, but everyone's time is valuable and learning on your own is a time consuming endeavor. For professionals, familiarity with the interoperability of systems, programs and languages is a must, and self-teaching is out of the question.

Computer science jobs are in high demand, and more and more applicants are flooding into the field making competition fierce. To top things off, entering into the field means you'll be competing against others with any number of certificates and degrees. Don't panic, though, because CCA's classes, degrees, and certificates makes learning all this much easier, and through our training, you can drive yourself to the front of the pack.

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