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Computer and Digital Technologies Degrees & Certificates

Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degrees:

Computer Information Systems (CIS)
This degree program prepares a student for solving strategic business problems by designing computer-based information systems.  Workers in computer information systems assist in planning, coordinating, and facilitating the computer-related activities of businesses. They help determine both technical and business goals in consultation with top management and make detailed plans for the accomplishment of these goals. This requires a strong understanding of both technology and business practices.

Cyber Security
This degree provides students with real-world skills in the areas of computer networking, cyber security, and information technology. The degree provides students with knowledge of cyber security threats and techniques on how to mitigate security risks. It also includes strategies and tactics for implementing network security, access control, risk management, governance, and compliance. Students will receive hands-on experience with Windows and Linus operating systems as well as virtualization and cloud computing.  Students will obtain the knowledge and skills needed in order to test for the CompTIA Network+, Security+, Cloud+, and Linux+ certifications.

IT Tech and Support
This degree program prepares the student as entry-level computer specialists. Graduates will be able to configure and repair personal computers and peripherals, install and use Windows, Linux, and application software packages as well as gain a basic understanding of networking concepts. While working on this degree, students may also obtain their IT Tech and Support and Basic Network Security certificates depending on courses taken from CCA. This degree provides students with the opportunity to learn the skills needed to test for the CompTIA A+, Network+, Project+, and Security+ industry certifications.

Networking and Security
This degree program prepares students with general entry-level skills and knowledge required to establish and monitor local area networks. The students will learn the skills needed to test for the CompTIA Network+ and Project+ certifications. Additionally, they will have the option to test for the Security+ or CISCO CCENT certifications and may qualify for the CISCO and Basic Networking Security certificates from CCA. The CCA Networking emphasis program provides students with a skill set sought by employers hiring network engineer technicians.

Technology for Business Operations
This degree program prepares students for entry-level positions utilizing technology in business operations and focuses on technology and software applications used in business.  The degree is structured for students to choose their area of technological emphasis, including office management, business, marketing, and desktop publishing.

Computer Programming
This degree program prepares students with the skills to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in computer programming.  Students will develop a sound foundation in the development of cross-platform applications, which include desktop applications and mobile and website application development.

Graphic and Web Design
This degree is designed to help each student develop a portfolio of market-ready work in the area of Graphic Design. Graphic Designers create artwork to communicate a specific message, typically to promote an idea, a product, or a company. Designers communicate in print by designing posters, books, catalogs, logos, ads, and cards. They also create designs for the digital space including websites, motion graphics, and interactive media. Designers work in-house for companies, design firms, and as freelance designers. Students will develop the ability to design efficiently, incorporate text with imagery, use design software, and interface effectively with business clients and marketing teams.

Metro State CIS Transfer


Computer: CISCO
Computer: Basic Networking and Security
Computer: IT Tech and Support
Computer: Office Administration
Computer: Creative Tools
Computer: PC Application Specialist


Program Level Outcomes (PLOs) - Metropolitan State University Computer Information Systems Transfer

Statements which articulate, in measurable terms, what students should know and be able to demonstrate as a result of and at the conclusion of a program. PLOs communicate program goals explicitly and foster transfer of responsibility for learning from faculty to students.

A student who obtains an AAS degree in Computer Information Systems with Transfer to Metropolitan State University from the Community College of Aurora will demonstrate the following abilities:

  • Demonstrated ability to assist customers in the gathering of requirements and to design, implement, and support moderately complex technology solutions to existing business problems.
  • Demonstrated ability to analyze and process complex data for core business operations; demonstrated ability to analyze systems, create business requirements documentation; able to perform end-to-end process analysis.
  • Able to accurately diagnose common business problems; able to devise IT strategy and to recommend appropriate technology-based solutions; some knowledge of guiding users through basic process design and prototyping; familiarity with Enterprise Resource Planning.



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