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Computer and Digital Technologies Degrees & Certificates

Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degrees:

Computer Information Systems (CIS)
This degree program prepares student with the general entry level skills and knowledge needed to become a computer specialist. Through this degree, the students have the opportunity to obtain the skills necessary to test for the industry certifications of A+, Security +, and CCNA depending on their course choices. Additionally, the students may qualify for their Basic Network Security and IT and Tech Support certificate from CCA.

Computer IT Tech and Support
This degree program prepares student as entry-level computer specialists. Graduates will be able to configure and repair personal computers and peripherals, install and use Windows, Linux, and application software packages as well as gain a basic understanding of networking concepts. While working on this degree, students may also obtain their IT Tech and Support and Basic Network Security certificates depending on courses taken from CCA. This degree provides students with the opportunity to learn the skills needed to test for the A+, Security + and industry certifications.

Computer Networking
This degree program prepares students with the entry level skills to work in computer networking. This can include network architecture, networking security and engineering. This training will prepare you for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification exam. If you want to become a network engineer, securing this document is essential.

Computer Office System Technology
This degree program prepares students for office administration and general office support type positions. Through this degree, the students learn the skills and have the option to take the Microsoft Office Specialist Master Certification in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.

Computer Programming
The objective of this degree is to prepare students with the skills necessary for entry-level programming positions. This includes major foundational pieces in this area, such as Logic and Program Design, Programming for the Internet, and an array of basic and advanced “C” programming, including C# and C++.

Graphic Design
This degree is designed to help each student develop a portfolio of market-ready work in the area of Graphic Design. Graphic Designers create artwork to communicate a specific message, typically to promote an idea, a product, or a company. Designers communicate in print by designing posters, books, catalogs, logos, ads, and cards. They also create designs for the digital space including websites, motion graphics, and interactive media. Designers work in-house for companies, design firms, and as freelance designers. Students will develop the ability to design efficiently, incorporate text with imagery, use design software, and interface effectively with business clients and marketing teams.


Computer: CISCO
Computer: Basic Networking and Security
Computer: IT Tech and Support
Computer: Office Administration
Computer: Programming
Computer: Web/Mobile App Development
Computer: PC Application Specialist


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