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Education FAQ

What classes do I need to work in a childcare?

  • In order to work in childcare with toddlers you will need a minimum of 6 college credits in ECE. You must take ECE 101 or ECE 103 and another ECE class. You also will need a minimum of 6 months of verified experience working with in a childcare/preschool setting.

How do I get a license to become a Director?

  • You must complete a total of 33 credits in Early childhood Education , which is 11 classes to become director qualified. Once you have completed the course work you will need to apply to the Colorado Department of Human Services/ Childcare Division. They will review your official transcripts and experience and issue a license

Can I teach preschool in a public school with an Associates of Arts Degree?

  • In most cases you will need a Bachelor’s Degree with teacher licensure to teach in a public school. Some school districts will hire you as a facilitator if you have an associates degree and are director qualified.

If I came from another state can I use the classes I took there for my certificate here?

  • Each student transcript must be reviewed individually to determine if the courses are equal to the required courses in the state of Colorado

What are the prerequisites for ECE courses?

  • All students must get a 70 or above on the college placement test or complete ENG 060 with a passing grade to be eligible for ECE courses.

Which courses will transfer to a 4-year college?

  • Every college has some different guidelines about the courses that will transfer. It is very important to meet with the Pathways Advisor to talk about the college you want to transfer too, and the level you want to teach before completing the degree.

What is the difference between an Associates of Arts degree and an Associates of Applied Science degree?

  • Associates of Arts degree is usually meant to transfer to a 4-year and includes more general education classes.
  • Associates of Applied Science degree in ECE includes all classes to become director qualified and some general education classes. It will not transfer as easily to a 4-year institution.

How long will it take to complete a directors’ certificate?

  • The directors’ certificate consists of 11 classes. By taking 9-12 credits a semester you can complete the certificate in one year including summer.

How long will it take to complete an Associates Degree?

  • An Associates degree is equal to 60 credits and generally takes 2 years if you are a full time student.




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