Community ESL Courses

ESL students point to their home countries in a Lowry campus classroom in Denver, CO

Community ESL Program

There are multiple levels in the Community ESL Program, ranging from beginning through high intermediate (levels 1-6). When you come to registration, you will take a placement test to determine which level you should take.

In addition, we offer three advanced-level classes for students who have completed the upper levels of the Community ESL Program and want to continue taking non-credit ESL classes. One class is called American Language and Culture and focuses on reading longer texts and communicating more complex ideas. This is a good class for au pairs, and the hours spent in class *do* count towards your visa requirements! Another class is the Grammar and Writing Bridge and focuses on grammar and writing for students who are interested in going to college. Lastly, the Speaking and Pronunciation Bridge focuses on pronunciation and the speaking skills needed at work or at college.

We also offer a Citizenship class. This class is designed to help people who are planning to apply for U.S. Citizenship to prepare for the citizenship test. Anyone with a "green card" may take this class, and if you are planning to apply for Citizenship soon, we strongly recommend that you start taking this class *before* you complete your application.

ALL Community ESL students may also take our *free* conversation and computer classes.

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