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Health Sciences

Welcome to Health Sciences

Health Sciences is a fast-growing industry and CCA has programs for students to earn a degree or certificate to be prepared to meet this demand.

What is your goal?

Are you interested in a challenging career as a nurse working in a hospital or medical clinic? Are you ready to commit to coursework that can be demanding and a program that requires solid grades in all classes?  The Integrated Nursing Pathway may be for you. This is a program which students apply to and if accepted, start classes at CCA. After two semesters students graduate from CCA and move to the University of Colorado’s School of Nursing to start their nursing classes. Students graduate from CU with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing. 

Are you interested in a obtaining a certificate which will let you enter the workforce in two semesters or less? Do you want to work with patients caring for their basic needs? Individual certificates such as a Certified Nurse Aide, or Phlebotomist certificate would be appropriate. These are certificates you can obtain in a short amount of time which can provide a base for career growth.

Health Sciences Programs

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