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The CCA Mathematics Department offers a wide selection of math classes for both those that need to fulfill requirements and those that are pursuing a career path in the exciting field.

Math Placement




Program Level Outcomes (PLOs)

Statements which articulate, in measurable terms, what students should know and be able to demonstrate as a result of and at the conclusion of a program. PLOs communicate program goals explicitly and foster transfer of responsibility for learning from faculty to students.

A student who obtains an AS degree in Mathematics from the Community College of Aurora will demonstrate the following abilities:

  • Interpret information given from formulas, graphs, data, tables, and make inferences.
  • Represent mathematical information symbolically, visually, numerically and verbally.
  • Use arithmetic, algebra, geometric and statistical methods to solve problems and check the reasonableness of the results. It should be noted that while these will be assessed within the mathematics department, these are skills that should be developed and strengthened across the CCA curriculum.



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