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Paralegal FAQ

Do I have to apply to the Paralegal program?
No. Apply to the college; the college is open enrollment, so you will be accepted. Declare your preference for a Paralegal degree or certificate and start taking Paralegal courses.

Can I get my degree/certificate online?
Most or all general education courses that are required for a Paralegal degree are available online. Paralegal courses are more limited, with three available class offerings online that can be used toward satisfying your Paralegal course requirements. Note: Only Paralegal courses taken at CCA or an ABA approved school will be accepted toward the degree or certificate.

I’ve taken courses at another Paralegal school. Will they transfer to CCA?
Yes, if the courses take were at an American Bar Association approved institution. However, 15 credit hours at CCA are necessary to earn a degree or certificate at the college. Students may transfer up to 15 credit hours if the course content is 80 percent equivalent to CCA class content as determined by the Program Coordinator. If it’s from a non-ABA approved program, a student can transfer up to nine credit hours of Paralegal coursework; again, with 80 percent course content equivalency.

What if I already have another degree in a non-Paralegal major? What do I need to take to get Paralegal certified?
If you have an associate’s, bachelor’s or higher-level degree, then you are only required to obtain a certificate, which is comprised of 30 hours of Paralegal courses. General education courses will transfer.

How much does it cost?
It varies, depending on the number of courses needed for certificate/degree completion and other factors, such as type of degree or certificate selected within Paralegal, in-state or out-of-state eligibility, possible financial aid qualification, fees, cost of materials and more. Students should consult with an advisor and/or Financial Aid in order to get an accurate gauge of the most current costs.

How long will it take?
Paralegal is predominantly a night program. Classes are offered Monday through Thursday nights from 6-8:40 p.m. The length of time to earn a degree/certificate will depend on student availability for any given semester and the number of classes taken. Students will need a minimum of three semesters to earn a certificate; longer for an AAS or AGS.

Will this help me if I want to go to law school?
There are benefits to having a Paralegal background prior to attending law school. It gives you exposure to what the legal field is really about, while exposing you to legal research, writing and terminology. It also allows you to intermingle with lawyers themselves, who can help steward you through the academic process.

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