Music - Music and Entertainment Entrepreneurship Program

Community College of Aurora is offering an associate degree to help you get started in the Music and Entertainment field.

Our program is designed to answer the number one question asked by students interested in developing a career in music: “Where in Denver do I start and how do I build a sustainable career in the music and entertainment industry?” The MEE program prepares you to start a music business or to work in a variety of entry-level music and entertainment business careers. Learn what you need to know about the music industry: including music business, music producing, music performance training, music publishing, music copyright, music production, starting a music production company and more to help you successfully plan and start your career in the rapidly evolving music and entertainment industry! You’ll learn from industry professionals through instruction, hands-on experiences, collaboration, and professional networking.

As a student in this two-year program, you will:

  • Receive step-by-step guidance from industry professionals through hands-on instruction, collaboration, and professional networking.
  • Have access to the latest music production technology and entrepreneurial music business trends and strategies.
  • Participate in live performances, studio sessions, on- and off-campus events, and other music projects.
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