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Police Academy Faculty

The CCA Police Academy's Faculty is both highly trained and eager to educate Cadets to become competent, confident, safe, and successful law enforcement professionals.  Through our intensive classroom and tactical curricula, focused on the most current knowledge and skills taught by leading instructors in the profession, we will give you the confidence needed to be the law enforcement professional that you desire to be! 

Listed below are some of the outstanding instructors who will teach you the skills necessary to accomplish your goal of becoming an excellent law enforcement professional.  Their brief biographies give you an idea of the expertise that they bring to the Police Academy and reflect what makes the CCA Police Academy stand out from any other Police Academy in the State of Colorado. 

(Click on the Instructor names below for their biographies)

LEA 101 Basic Police Academy I

LEA 102 Basic Police Academy II

LEA 105 Basic Law

  • Kevin Deischel
  • Chris Langley
  • Jason Paulovich
  • Dave Perry
  • Craig Piel
  • Gary Rogers
  • Doug Rossi
  • Marc Smith
  • Bob Steine
  • Anthony "Tony" Tilger
  • Michael Thrapp
  • Margaret Uchner
  • Tim Wilkerson

LEA 106 Arrest Control Techniques

LEA 107 Law Enforcement Driving

LEA 108 Firearms

  • Dan Adlfinger
  • Craig Appel
  • Eric Burke
  • Michael Eli
  • Salvatore "Sam" Fazio
  • Mike Holm
  • Jon Kessler
  • Doug Knox
  • Dan Mark
  • Walter Obrecht
  • Jason Petrucelli
  • Eric Scherr
  • Brian Schnicke
  • Al Stutman

EMS 115 First Responder

  • Drew Baske
  • John Spera

PED 112 Conditioning Lab & Wellness Program

  • Michael Carter
  • Allison Hynes-Mullens
  • Craig Klukas
  • Andrew Richmond
  • Mark Stephenson


Don Black

Don Black graduated from the University of Colorado in 1969 as an ROTC Distinguished Military Graduate and served as an Airborne Ranger Infantry Platoon Leader in Vietnam. After Vietnam, Don transferred from the Infantry to the Military Police.  While attending college and after the Military, Don worked as a University Police Officer. He then spent a year with the Longmont Police Department.

Don started as a patrol officer with the Aurora Police Department in 1976 and worked Patrol, Crime Prevention, SWAT, and as a Burglary Detective before becoming a Sergeant. As a  Sergeant, he supervised in Patrol, the Police Area Representative Program, the Jail, the Burglary Detail, DART (tactical motorcycle), the Gang Unit, Foot Patrol, the Emergency Response Team and SWAT. As a Lieutenant, Don served as a Patrol Watch Commander and Commander of the Emergency Response Team. Although officially retired as a Lieutenant, Don requested to return to a Sergeant’s rank in order to work his last 5 years on the road. He retired with almost 32 years of service with the Aurora Police Department.

Don was recognized by the Aurora Police Department with awards and commendations for bravery, innovations in tactics and equipment, establishment of an arrest control and baton program, and planning and leadership in major crowd control events.

Don has been involved with martial arts since 1969 and has earned black belts in Karate and Aikido.  He has dabbled extensively in many other arts and systems of police arrest control.  He has been an avid student of Master Robert Koga since his introduction to his police tactics system by the Boulder Police Department in 1975.  He has since become a senior instructor for the Koga Institute.

Don was a member of the Arrest Control Subject Matter Expert Committee for Colorado POST.  He regularly contributed articles on arrest control to the former “Colorado Policeman” magazine.  He has been recognized by the courts as an expert in the use of force.

Don teaches or assists in all areas of police tactics instruction.
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Tim DuFour

Tim DuFour is a Lieutenant with the Aurora Police Department and is currently assigned as the Commander of the Crime Laboratory Section.  He has been an adjunct instructor with the Community College of Aurora since 1993, and the Aurora Police Training Academy since 1998.  He teaches courses in Crime Scene Investigation and Procedures, Crime Scene Searching, Crime Scene Documentation, Crime Scene Sketching, Crime Scene Photography, Mock Crime Scenes, and Report Writing.  He has also taught courses in Fingerprinting, Ethics, and Introduction to Criminal Investigations.  He has been a guest lecturer for various organizations.

Lt. DuFour started with the Aurora Police Department in March 1976.  He has held various positions as he moved through the ranks.  As an Officer, he worked as a Patrol Officer, a Field Training Officer, and was later assigned as an instructor with the Aurora Police Training Academy.  As an Agent, he was assigned as a burglary detective.  As a Sergeant, he held the positions of Patrol Sergeant, Direct Action Response Team Sergeant, and Internal Affairs Unit Sergeant.  As Lieutenant, he has been assigned as a Watch Commander, Administrative Patrol Lieutenant, and Crime Lab Commander.  Lt. DuFour is a 1996 graduate of Northwestern University Traffic Institute's School of Police Staff and Command.  During his career, he has received over 2,000 hours of training in police and forensic sciences. 

Lt. DuFour's expertise is in Crime Scene Investigation, Death Investigation, and Forensics.  He has been the Commander of the Aurora Police Crime Laboratory for over 20 years.  His crime scene investigation training includes all facets of crime scene investigation and evidence collection, as well as specialized training in bloodstain pattern analysis, crime scene reconstruction, and crime scene investigation of nuclear/biological/chemical incidents.  He has received extensive training in homicide investigation, including Basic Death investigation, Homicide Investigation, Medico Legal Investigation of Death, Practical Homicide Investigation, and has attended an International Homicide Investigation Seminar.  He has been involved in the investigation of over 350 homicide cases.

Lt. DuFour has additional training and experience in Forensic Imaging and Audio Forensics.  He holds membership in the International Association for Identification, the Rocky Mountain Division of the International Association for Identification, the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts, the Rocky Mountain Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts, the Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction, the Association of Crime Laboratory Directors, and the ASTM E-30 Committee on Forensic Sciences.
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Steve Emerson - Emeritus Instructor

Steve Emerson, Emeritus InstructorBefore his untimely passing on December 29th, 2013 after a courageous battle with cancer, Steve Emerson, one of the academy's most beloved and respected instructors, and a Vietnam veteran with the U.S. Marine Corps, began his law enforcement career at the Aurora Police Department in 1975 and retired in 2005 at the rank of Agent.

Steve was one of CCA's original law enforcement academy instructors, having taught at CCA's Law Enforcement Academy from 1993 to shortly before his passing in 2013; instructing classes in KOGA arrest control/baton, as well as vehicle contacts, simunitions, and building searches.

Over the course of his law enforcement career Steve served in a variety of assignments with Aurora PD, including Patrol, SWAT, Emergency Response Team, Police Academy Instructor, Gang Unit, and a number of detective assignments. After retiring from Aurora P.D., Steve worked as a patrol officer for the University of Colorado Police Department for six years and retired from there in 2011. Steve also worked as a Security Specialist at Regis Jesuit H.S. before his passing.

One of CCA's other original (1993) instructors, and one of the Lead ACT and Tactical Training Instructors, Steve Norton, met Steve Emerson as a rookie at the Aurora police department and was struck by the latter’s willingness to help him learn. The two quickly became fast friends and worked together not only at the training academy, but in other capacities. “He was one of those guys who you always trusted,” Norton said. “He was highly skilled and highly competent, but had a kindness and humor about him that was really unique. People were drawn to Steve, as I was, and over the years he became a big brother more than a colleague. He really was a great man. And it really is a great loss. I’m truly saddened by his passing.”

Steve Emerson in memoralized with a wall plaque in the CCA police academy gym where, through his time at the academy, he instructed over a thousand future law enforcement officers.
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Martin Garland

Martin (Marty) Garland has been a Police Officer with the Aurora Police Department for 12 years and served an additional 6.5 years with the Federal Heights Police Department.  He is currently assigned as a Sergeant of the District II PAR Unit and Emergency Response Team.  He has served in Patrol, as Academy Staff, a Field Training Officer, and was assigned with the S.W.A.T. Team for seven years.  Additionally, he holds instructor certifications in the following areas:  Firearms (Rifle, Shotgun, and Handgun), Verbal Judo, Level 3 Ground Tactics, Senior APD Koga (ACT-IL2, Baton-L5, and Self-Defense-BL1), and P.O.S.T. Certified.

Marty holds a Bachelors Degree from Colorado Christian University in Organizational Management and is currently working toward the completion of his Masters Degree from Colorado Statue University in Organizational Leadership.
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Don James

Agent Don James started his law enforcement career in November of 1977.  He served 33.5 years with the Aurora Police Department.  Agent James spent several years on Patrol to include being a Field Training Officer.  He was promoted to the rank of Agent in March 1982.  As an Agent, he worked as an FTO and Academy Instructor (was assigned there twice).  He also served several years in the investigative bureau working burglary, and later general investigations.  Most of his career was spent working the street as the Agent on DART (Direct Action Response Team) and then later as the first Agent on the Department's full-time SWAT team.

Agent James spent 31 years on the SWAT team, working on that unit until he retired.  Agent James served as a team leader and was responsible for planning tactical operations.  He has been involved in thousands of tactical situations to include five hostage rescues.  He served several years as the President of the Rocky Mountain Tactical Team Association (RMTTA) and has instructed numerous SWAT classes in the region.  Agent James received the Distinguished Service Cross and later the Medal of Honor for his actions during a couple of the hostage rescues.

Agent James is a senior level Instructor with the KOGA Institute to include Arrest Control, Baton and Self-Defense (including SD-1).  He is also a ground tactics instructor through Law Enforcement Ground Systems.  His other areas of instruction include: Firearms (handgun, shotgun, and MP-5), Patrol procedures, Building searches, Vehicle and Pedestrian contacts, as well as Officer Rights.  Agent James is also a police physical fitness specialist.  Agent James has been an instructor for the Community College of Aurora since 1995.

Agent James also served 10 years as the President of the Aurora Police Association.  Agent James negotiated several contracts with the City of Aurora for wages, benefits, and working conditions.  He also represented officers who were under investigation in IAU, and officers who were being sued for their actions.  Agent James has received significant training in labor/employment law, as well as officer rights.  Agent James assisted in the creation of the Labor Management Committee for Public Safety in the City of Aurora.
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Doug Knox

Doug Knox has been CCA's Lead Firearms Instructor since 1994.  He began his career with the Aurora, Colorado, Police Department in 1984, with assignments in Patrol, Community Services, Intelligence, Training, Investigations and the Fugitive unit.  At the rank of Agent, Doug is currently assigned as a Detective in the Pawn Detail.  He has served as a firearms instructor in all aspects of recruit and in-service training, as well as providing instruction in other areas.

Doug retired from the Colorado Air National Guard, with over 20 years active and reserve service in Security Police/Security Forces.  Performing military police, security and air base defense duties, Doug has served in various contingencies and deployments, including Operation Desert Shield/Storm, in areas such as Saudi Arabia, Italy, and the Caribbean.

Doug completed the FBI Firearms Instructor Course in 1992 and the Colorado P.O.S.T. "Master Firearms Instructor" program in 1994.  He is a Colorado P.O.S.T.-approved instructor and holds certifications from the NRA as a Police Firearms Instructor and Tactical Shooting Instructor.  Doug has received firearms training from a wide variety of sources, to include the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, Beretta, Glock, Hechler and Koch, Thunder Ranch, Jeff Cooper and Sigarms.  Additionally, he has instructor-level training in arrest control, baton, law enforcement driving, and less-lethal weapons.

Doug has been the Lead Instructor for numerous P.O.S.T.-approved Handgun, Shotgun, and Rifle Instructor programs and served the Colorado P.O.S.T. Board as a member of the Subject Matter Expert (SME) Committee on Firearms for more than eleven years (1995-2007).
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Dan Mark

CU Anschutz PD Deputy Chief Dan Mark is the lead driving instructor for the CCA Police Academy.  Previously serving with, and retiring as a police Lt. with Aurora PD, Chief Mark had been with the Aurora Police Department since 1984 and has been a driving instructor since 1991.  Chief Mark has been a member of the Colorado P.O.S.T. Subject Matter Expert Committee for Law Enforcement Driving since 1993.  He is certified as a driving instructor through the National Academy for Professional Driving and through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.  Chief Mark has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Police Administration, an Associate Degree in Criminalistics, and an Associate Degree in Law Enforcement.

Lt. Mark has received over 200 hours of driving instructor training and has over 2,000 hours of driving instructor experience.
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Steve Norton

Steve Norton began teaching at the Community College of Aurora Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy in 1993 and is one of the original instructors.  Steve was a Police Officer/Agent with the Aurora Police Department for 29 years, serving in a variety of assignments, including Patrol/FTO, Investigations, the Training Academy, Direct Action Response Team, and S.W.A.T.

Steve was with the Aurora S.W.A.T. Team for over 22 years and served as a Team Leader.  He is a two-time recipient of the Aurora Police Department's Medal of Honor for S.W.A.T. hostage rescues and has received numerous commendations for his efforts training officers in tactics, officer safety, and police fitness.

Steve has been recognized as an expert witness in officer survival/use of force in Federal Court, Jefferson County District Court, and in an Arapahoe County Grand Jury case.  He was published in the National Tactical Officer's Association S.W.A.T. Journal, "The Tactical Edge" in the 2003 Spring edition for an article on hostage rescue tactics.

Steve is a Senior Instructor for the Master Robert Koga with the Koga Institute in Arrest Control, Baton, Self-Defense, and SD-1.  He also is a Senior-Level Instructor in Ground Tactics with Law Enforcement Ground Systems, founded by Shane Pitts.

At the CCA Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy, Steve instructs Officer Survival, Vehicle Contacts, Building Searches, S.W.A.T., as well as Arrest Control/Baton, Self-Defense, and Ground Tactics.
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Gary Rogers

Gary Rogers started his Police Career with The Commerce City Police Department in 1977. He then was hired by Then Aurora Police Department in 1980.  Gary spent several years on patrol, and then in 1982, Gary was selected to the Traffic Unit as a traffic officer. Gary has worked as an Accident Investigations / Reconstructionist, DUI Enforcement Officer, was the Lead Motor Instructor for the Aurora Police Department, and currently is one of two Motor Carrier Safety Officers. Gary currently teaches C.R.S. Tile 42 / Model Traffic Code at The Aurora Police Academy, and assist with the traffic Crash Investigation Reporting Class.  Gary Rogers also was one of the committee members on the board for the current Colorado Accident Report Form and Manual. Gary has been teaching Crash Investigation, Traffic Code, Traffic Direction and assisting with D.U.I at Community College of Aurora since 1997.

Bob Steine

Officer Bob Steine is assigned to the Patrol Division of the Monument Police Department in El Paso County.  Bob is a Koga Baton and arrest control Instructor, and a practitioner in several martial arts styles.  Along with being a Police Officer, Bob is also a practicing attorney in the Aurora area.  Although limited to a civil practice now, Bob has represented clients as a defense attorney in municipal, county, state, and federal cases, including filing appeals in the state appellate courts and the U.S. Supreme Court.  Bob teaches Children's Code and vehicle searches, along with other associated classes.
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Tom Wilkes

Tom Wilkes began his police career in September 1977 in Kansas. He started with the Aurora Police Department in September 1983. As an officer, his assignments with the Aurora Police Department include: Patrol, Field Training Officer, Police Academy staff member, and Foot Patrol Unit. Promoted to Sergeant in 1995, he was assigned to Patrol, Research and Development, School Resource Officers Unit, and Professional Standards and CALEA Accreditation.

Additional assignments include working with the Hostage Negotiator Team 1991-2010. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2010. Lt. Wilkes has been an instructor in criminal justice courses since 1987 for Arapahoe Community College and later, CCA. Lt. Wilkes attended Wichita State University and received a Bachelor of Science in 1977. He received a Master of Administration of Justice (MAJ) in 1981.
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Joe Young

Sgt. Joe Young (APD - retired)Joe Young dedicated 39 years to policing before retiring from the Aurora Police Department after 9 years as a Sergeant in the Major Crimes Section and direct supervisor of 10 detectives in the CAC – Crimes Against Children Unit.  He was responsible for the investigation of numerous major felony child cases including homicides, infanticide, sexual assaults, kidnappings and family abductions.  He also developed the agencies CMART – Citizens academy Missing Abducted Response Team which trained volunteer CPA-Citizen Police Academy alumni in search and rescue.  CMART responded with the CAC Unit to search for Missing Children and endangered persons.  He has also worked homicides as a detective in his career and also as a Supervisor with Major Crimes, has supervised some more adult cases including portions of the Century 16 mass murder case.  His career also included time in the Patrol Division and 20 years with Aurora SWAT.  Some of his cases garnered national news coverage, necessitating media strategies; including the Aaron Thompson homicide arrest and the John Snorsky kidnapping arrest.  He has received numerous departmental awards as well as a DOJ Award as officer of the year and the Colorado Attorney Generals Excellence in Law Enforcement Award.  He currently works as a part-time Team Adam Investigator
for NCMEC – the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and for Commerce City and Wheat Ridge Police Departments as a background investigator.  He teaches at several colleges and has taught at the Denver Sheriff’s Academy as a guest instructor.



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