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Police Academy Testimonials

Testimonials from Graduates of the CCA Police Academy:


Dear CCA Police Academy Arrest Control Instructors,

I want to thank Mr. Norton, Mr. Black, and Mr. James for your superior training and dedication to the CCA Police Academy. The dedication that the KOGA institute has shown goes beyond words. The time you guys take to teach us each KOGA defensive tactic backed with approximately 100 years of experience combined between you three, is incredible. The real life experiences that you all have shared w ith us when it came to life or death situations helped us fundamentally understand when it is appropriate to utilize each technique, how to care for suspects, avoid excessive force and always to be a moral and ethical Law Enforcement Officer. In our ever evolving world of law enforcement ,you also instilled in us officer safety which has become more crucial than ever. I have learned some very valuable skills at the CCA Police Academy that I will be able to utilize everyday as a Police Officer.

I came from an entrepreneur background having owned a successful business prior to following my dream to be in law enforcement. Prior to applying to an Academy I did a lot of research into Police Academies to find one that has the best training. I remember finding videos of you, and Mr. Black practicing take downs and KOGA arrest control techniques . I then did more research on Bob Koga and was intrigued by this proven and true method of arrest control. This is where I found the value at the Community College of Aurora's Police Academy. Without KOGA and the life experiences of you guys, the CCA Police Academy would merely just be another academy .

Speaking to many of my fellow cadets after graduation we are truly grateful for the training you have provided us with . You three and everyone involved in the training when it came to our arrest control have been the highlight of our academy .

I have had the opportunity since graduating from the CCA Police Academy of testing with two great agencies in the metro area. In both of my oral boards I have been given positive feedback from the high ranking officials who sat on my panel about the training I received, especially when it came to KOGA's Arrest Control. Hearing this made me more confident about myself as I was a desired candidate and knew that I had made the best choice by attending CCA's Police Academy . Since then I have been offered a position w ith both agencies and have become a police officer in less than 90 days of graduating the academy. Thank you for being part of my success .

Mr. Norton, Mr. Black and Mr. James thank you for making a difference in my life and many current and future Law Enforcement Officers lives. You helped me become a more rounded officer when it comes to officer safety and that alone makes all the training worth it . I have seen the love and compass ion that you all have in teaching us. You have dedicated your entire life to serving the community and after your retirement you have dedicated to many generations of current and future Law Enforcement Officers. The Community College of Aurora Police Academy could not have a better Arrest Control Curriculum . I want it to be known that the KOGA Institute is an asset to the Community College of Aurora

     - Ali Dehry, Class 16-1

"The Community College of Aurora's (CCA) Police Academy is unparalleled.  The program offered an astonishing academic curriculum and an unsurpassed physical skills training.  Each session is taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors; many of them were able to present real-life encounters to create a thorough understanding of the content taught.  The instructors' experiences, passion, and willingness to teach the skills and knowledge vital to a career in law enforcement left a lasting impression.  Being a part of the Community College of Aurora's Police Academy was amazing and taught me many life saving lessons.  If you are looking for a career in law enforcement and desire a well-versed education, I highly recommend attending CCA."
     -Renee T, Castle Rock PD, CCA Class 12-4

"I attended the CCA Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy from January to June of 2009.  During those six months, I received the best and most intense training offered in the State of Colorado.  The Colorado P.O.S.T. Board has high expectations and requires specific amounts of training in several categories; the CCA Police Academy goes above and beyond those requirements, this is one of the reasons I attended the academy.  The instructors at this institution are very dedicated and integral; they demonstrated character traits and values that I admire and apply in my professional life.  I am a former Marine and am currently serving in the Colorado National Guard.  As a combat veteran, I know how important training is.  The more training one receives, the better prepared one is when situations make a turn for the worst.  The high quality of training I received at CCA has prepared me for success in my career, while also enabling me to be prepared for any situation in my personal or professional life.  I work armed security, and I'm also a Police Officer in Colorado.  I have the utmost respect for the CCA Police Academy and all of its instructors." 
     -Abe H.

"The CCA Police Academy was second to none!  The instructors are all current or former law enforcement and together have countless years of service in the field.  One of the main reasons I chose to attend CCA was the number of training hours that you receive.  The extra training hours may seem like a lot to some people but are well worth it once you are on the job.  I am currently employed with the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office and the skills and knowledge that I obtained during the academy have come in handy numerous times while on the job.  I recommend that anyone looking to start a career in Law Enforcement attend the CCA Police Academy--it is the investment of a lifetime!" 
     -Michael B.

"I had been applying at police agencies for several years while attending college classes in Criminal Justice.  I hadn't gained the experience necessary to be considered highly qualified in the competitive market that law enforcement is today.  My husband is an Aurora Police Officer and when I told him that I wanted to attend a college law enforcement academy to gain my P.O.S.T. certification, he recommended CCA.  At that time, I wasn't sure I wanted to make the drive to Aurora, since we live in Parker; however, after researching several academies, I ultimately chose CCA. 

CCA has a better reputation among law enforcement agencies, due to their high quality training programs, level of experience among instructors, and they offer more training in almost every subject.  I enjoyed CCA because the instructors were eager to teach.  They treated me like a person and a professional.  If I needed help, they were always willing to stay to help me.  In addition, the arrest control method is superior to all other methods at other academies, and their firearms training program is superb!  It has more hours than any other academy and it has prepared me for a potential gun fight.  I feel very confident in my firearms capabilities because of the training that I received at CCA.

CCA not only helped me to gain the knowledge needed to pass the P.O.S.T. exam, they taught me how to take police exams and oral boards in addition to learning all the things a basic police officer needs to know.  Because of the training that I received at CCA, I am now employed by my local Police Department!" 
     -Elizabeth P.

"If you are here, reading testimonials from graduates of CCA's Police Academy, you are already upholding your responsibility to thoroughly research your options for a Law Enforcement Training Academy.  It is your career path, your training, and likely your money.  There is no question that you get what you pay for at this Academy.  Why settle for minimum curricula and training expectations from other Academies, when you can receive much more from CCA, especially given how competitive this field is during hiring and training, and how serious the stakes are once you are on the street?  If you want to set yourself apart from the minimally qualified applicants and Officers, set yourself apart by selecting an Academy that goes beyond the minimum from day one in all core areas.  As for the Staff, I challenge you to find an Academy Staff comprised of a more seasoned group of Training Officers.  You will be trained by veteran street Officers from arguably one of the top tier departments in the country.  These instructors are not adjunct faculty with a history of classroom teaching; they are seasoned Aurora Police Officers, who have chosen to share their knowledge base and skill set.  This Academy will show you what modern, professional policing is really about, it will give you a platform to launch your career from, and it will give you tools you will need to survive once you find yourself on the street.  I am currently a Police Officer with the Boulder Police Department in Colorado, and I use the knowledge and skills from my CCA experience every shift.  There is no question that my Academy experience helped me through the selection and training process, and has helped me succeed in my chosen career.  I cannot recommend the program highly enough.  If you are serious about a career in Law Enforcement, look beyond basic and minimum standards, and step boldly into a program that takes you--and your success and survival--as seriously as you do."  
     -A.K., Boulder Police Department

"I decided to make a career change at 40 years old.  I realized that I needed to have quality training that would help me compete in a very tough job market.  After researching the local P.O.S.T. academies, reading the testimonials from previous students, visiting the academy staff, and speaking with local law enforcement, I decided on CCA.  All of the academies offered the same curriculum, but the one thing that I cannot be taught is experience.  The instructors at CCA are all current or retired police officers who were able to add their experiences to the classroom lectures.

The arrest control, driving, and firearms instruction that I received was given by world class instructors.  While I struggled during the PTO program at my department (as most recruits do), I felt more than qualified with the physical skills that I acquired at CCA.

After graduation from CCA, the training does not stop.  I am still able to practice with the instructors in order to hone my skills.  This is something unique to CCA.  I felt like I was part of a family while I was in the academy and still feel the same way after graduation.

In short, I owe my new career to the dedication and instruction that I received from CCA instructors."
     -Officer Eric T., Boulder Police Department

"I've wanted to be a Police Officer my entire life.  Once I became serious and began pursuing a career, I quickly found out how competitive the industry is.  There is a lopsided ratio of applicants compared to job openings.  I spoke to many recruiters and applied to a number of agencies; however, I was unsuccessful for approximately four years.  I had nothing in my past to prevent me from being an Officer, but the people that I was competing with seemed to have an extra edge.  I realized that if I really wanted to do this, I was going to have to take some extra steps to get what I wanted.

I began to research P.O.S.T. academies.  As my wife knows, I always do a fair amount of research before I make any major decisions.  After researching CCA, I realized that there was no comparable academy.  The instructors at CCA all have a great deal of experience and knowledge in the subjects that they teach.  CCA also teaches more than the minimum P.O.S.T. required hours in physical skills, which take even more time than that to master.  I felt very confident that CCA would give me the extra edge to put me in the top end of the applicants, those who were getting jobs.

I graduated the Community College of Aurora in 2005.  I then began applying to Police Departments again.  After graduating CCA, I was given a job offer by the first agency to finish the hiring process, and I accepted the job.  Shortly after I was hired, I was contacted by a second agency and given another job offer.  I respectfully declined that offer, advising them that I had already accepted a job with another agency.  At that point, I voluntarily withdrew from the remaining agencies, which had not yet finished their hiring processes.

While I was working as a brand new Policer Officer, I came back to CCA and continued to practice my hands-on skills with the new classes (an offer that is given to graduates of CCA's Police Academy).  My interest in the hands-on skills continued to grow.  I began attending instructor courses, because the seed was planted in me at CCA.  Through my continued interest, I became an instructor of arrest control, self-defense, and ground fighting in just 2.5 years of being an Officer.

I have since taken a lateral position at a larger agency (the department that I always wanted to work for) and help teach at CCA under the head instructors.  I am very fortunate to be one of those people who loves my job.  The industry is very competitive and CCA gave me the edge to push me to the top of the applicant pool.

Thank you Community College of Aurora and to all of your staff!"
     -A Fortunate Police Officer

"In 1996, I graduated from the CCA Police Academy.  I have been employed with the Colorado Department of Corrections, Division of Adult Parole, for the past 14 years of which the last 3 years have been at the level of Community Parole Supervisor.  I attribute my success in law enforcement based on the excellent training that I received while at CCA.  CCA law enforcement training far exceeds any other courses or classes that I have attended in my career.  The Officer Safety skills that I learned at CCA are tools and methods that I continue to apply everyday."
     -Lorraine DdL., Community Parole Supervisor

"My experiences at the CCA Police Academy were great!  Not only did I receive what I consider some of the best training I have yet to see, I was able to walk away with some new good friends and also was able to befriend some of the instructors.  Best of all, the quality of instructor is unmatched, especially knowing that when you have a question the instructors from CCA will always respond to you with what they have done in similar situations.  I am currently employed with the Salina Police Department in Salina, KS, and taking what I learned from CCA, I feel that my skills have been unmatched by many."
     -Mike S.

"I am a graduate of the CCA Police Academy, and I am employed by a major Denver Metropolitan Law Enforcement Agency.  The training that I received at CCA was my first and it was second to none.  Like most, I shopped around and made my determination to attend CCA based on the attention they give their students in terms of classroom and hands-on hours, the academia, and of course the instructors.  The majority of CCA instructors are active duty or retired Police Officers who are knowledgeable and well versed in the courses they teach.  The education you receive by attending CCA is not only that required by P.O.S.T. and outlined by the State, but you inherit all of the many years of "boots on the street" experience these instructors have to offer.

The arrest control and officer safety scenarios provided at CCA set it apart from any other academy in the State.  CCA provides nearly 100 hours more than any other academy in teaching arrest control and ground tactics alone, yet alone the countless scenarios which provide an invaluable education.  The Koga system taught at CCA is one of the most complex arrest control disciplines in existence, but it also the best.  Whether you are hired by a Koga agency or not, this is a valuable skill set to know and it may save your life, as it has mine.  When I graduated CCA, I was confident that I could survive nearly any situation or circumstance I might encounter.

When I was hired by my agency, my merits were the only things that I had to assist me in getting hired.  I had no prior law enforcement experience, no military background, and no other family in law enforcement.  CCA had made a reputation for itself within my agency of turning out not just good Police Officers and Deputy Sherrifs, but good cops."
     -Adam L., CCA Class 10-2

"My name is Chad Wooten and I graduated from the CCA Police Academy in 2007.  I was hired shortly after graduating and am currently employed as a Police Officer in Brighton, CO.  Prior to enrolling in the CCA Academy, I had considered other academies, which had shorter, less demanding, and less rigorous training schedules that provided "minimum standards of training."  The training provided by the CCA Academy is simply above and beyond what other academies offer.  When your life might depend on your level of training, the "minimum standard" is simply not good enough.  I am convinced that the exceptional training provided by the CCA staff has helped me to become a smarter, safer, and more successful Police Officer."
     -Chad W.

"I began my career in Law Enforcement on March 23, 2009, with the City of Durango Police Department.  In those two years, I have advanced myself in a very rewarding career.  Along with being a patrolman, I'm also on the Durango Police Department Tactical Team (SWAT team), I'm a certified Crisis Intervention Team Officer (CIT Officer), a bicycle patrolman, and I'm considered an expert witness in the 6th Judicial District in DUI detection.  Prior to being hired as a Law Enforcement Officer, I made one of the best choices of my life in attending the Community College of Aurora Police Academy.

When I was doing my research and deciding which Police Academy that I would prefer to attend, CCA stood out as my number one option for a variety of reasons.  CCA provided both full-time and part-time classes, which works well with your schedule if you're working full-time, as I was.  CCA offers financial aid if necessary, and if you apply yourself, the CCA Academy provides you with the opportunity to make Law Enforcement a great career choice!  Almost, if not every, instructor has several years of actual on the job training and experience in Law Enforcement.  So rest assured that the information you are being taught is very accurate.  The CCA Academy teaches you the overall view of police work in a detailed manner to include: arrest control, police driving, shooting, ground tactics, self-defense, community policing, crime identification, crime prevention, crime scene investigation, report writing, traffic accident reconstruction, SWAT, high risk vehicle stops, simunitions, DUI & DUID detection/prevention, court testifying, and much, much more.  The CCA Academy even teaches you how to appropriately and effectively apply to Law Enforcement Agencies, as well as how to properly interview in an oral board situation.  CCA provides you with the information necessary to ensure that a career in Law Enforcement is the right decision for you, as you are tested bi-weekly, if not weekly, in both written test and practical tests.

Without the Community College of Aurora Police Academy and the instructors, I would not be where I am at in my career.  They are the ones who provided me with the excellent training and knowledge that I apply on the street every day to keep the community I serve, and myself, safe."
     -Tim S., Durango Police Department



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