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Police Academy Training Highlights

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This page highlights some of the exceptional training conducted at the CCA Police Academy. For additional information on the application process and contacts, please see the "Application Process: Police Academy" and "Police Academy Contact Info" pages.

For a comprehensive list of Police Academy training videos, please use the following link:

Comprehensive CCA Police Academy Training Videos

Specific training is highlighted below. Click on the individual training images to view that specific YouTube video.

PED 112 Conditioning Lab

Agility training:

(Videos from left to right) T-Test, two videos of Forward/Backward training, and Side-to-Side training, all of which focus on strengthening ankle and knee joints by quickly reacting to directional changes in lateral and forward/backward movements. By strengthening the ligaments in these joints, our goal is to build strength and resistance to common injuries, such as ankle rolls and MCL/ACL knee injuries.

10/10 Agility Test, which again focuses on quick directional changes to help strength ankle and knee ligaments and prevent catastrophic injuries.


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