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Political Science Courses

All courses have a prerequisite of successful completion of ENG 060 (grade C or higher) or equivalent assessment score, unless otherwise indicated.

POS 105- Introduction to Political Science (gt)      3 credits
Surveys the discipline of political science, including political philosophy and ideology, democratic and non-democratic governments and process, and international relations.

POS 111- American Government (gt)     3 credits
Includes the background of the U.S. Constitution; the philosophy of American government; general principles of the Constitutions; federalism; civil liberties; public opinion and citizen participation; political parties; interest groups, and the electoral process; and the structure and functions of the national government.

POS 125- American State and Local Government (gt)    3 credits
Studies the structure and function of state, county, and municipal governments, including their relations with each other and with national government.  Emphasizes Colorado government and politics.

POS 205- International Relations (gt)    3 credits
Examines relationships among modern nation-states.  Topics include diplomacy, nationalism, ideologies, power and influence, conflict and cooperation, the role of non-state actors, the international economy, and theoretical attempts to understand international behavior.

POS 215- Current Political Issues   3 credits
An in-depth analysis of critical issues in political science.  Topics will be determined each term.

POS 225- Comparative Government (gt)    3 credits
Focuses on a comparison of the basic features of selected developed and developing countries.  Topics include ideologies, political parties, interest groups, and governmental institutions.

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