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College Preparatory ESL Frequently Asked Questions

A group of ESL students gather around a snowman in front of a Lowry building in Denver Colorado

The College Prep ESL Program 

What classes can I take?
You can take classes at basic, beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels in grammar, listening and speaking, reading, and composition. There is also a class called “Basic Computer Skills for ESL.”
How many classes do I need to take before I can take college courses for my degree?
All ESL students take a placement test when they apply to CCA called the Levels of English Proficiency (LOEP) Exam. Your score on this placement test will tell you what ESL classes you need before you take other college courses. For example, if your test score means you can start with advanced-level ESL classes, then you will need fewer classes than if you start with intermediate-level ESL classes. Students who successfully complete the advanced-level Composition, Grammar, and Reading courses are eligible for the ESL program's Certificate of Completion.
Will I receive college credit?
Yes, you will get college credit to use at CCA. However, this credit does not transfer to other schools.
Can I get extra help if the classes get too difficult?
CCA offers free tutoring to its ESL students in the Academic Learning Center in Classroom Building Room 109 on the CentreTech Campus and West Quad Room 106 on the Lowry Campus. Their hours are Monday through Thursday: 8 am - 7 pm, Friday: 8 am - 5 pm, and Saturday: 10 am - 2 pm.
When are the next classes offered?
College Preparatory ESL classes are offered in fall, spring, and summer terms. The classes run for the entire term (15 weeks in a semester or 10 weeks in the summer). Check out the schedule tab for the current course offerings.
 How much do classes costs and can I get help paying for classes?
How do I start the process to take ESL classes at CCA?
You will need to apply and register as a student at CCA. You can start the process here.
Then, it is recommended that a student takes the LOEP Exam. The Testing Center can help you make an appointment to take the LOEP. You can also attend LOEP Pre-Assessment Workshops. Contact the Academic Learning Center to get more information.
Once you receive your LOEP Test Scores, meet with an Academic Advisor to be placed into your ESL Courses. You can contact Academic Advising here to make an appointment to go over your test scores.
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