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Language Achievement Certificate

This World Languages Department certificate* was created as a request from the local business community as a tool for them to screen prospective employees when speaking Spanish was required. We recommend this certificate to those who want to be more competitive in the job market.

There is a daily average of 1,100 jobs in the area that list the ability of speaking Spanish in the required skills.

Also, the majority of the Bachelor programs in the four-year institutions require one year of a foreign language.  This is a great opportunity to meet that requirement. Our groups are small and our tuition very competitive.

To earn this certificate, the student must complete Spanish 111 (5 credits), Spanish 112 (5 credits), Spanish 211 (3 credits), and Spanish 212 (3 credits). Students must take SPA 211 and 212 face-to-face in order to receive this certificate. If the student has prior knowledge of Spanish, (s)he can take a Prior Learning Assessment and test out of all or some of these courses.

Upon completion of the required courses, students will receive a diploma and a letter detailing their proficiency in Spanish.

SPA 211 and 212 are offered back to back in the same semester, which reduces the attainment of the certificate to 3 semesters.

Since the same textbook is used in the four courses, students save a considerable amount of money in materials.

*This is not a transcripted certificate. Students do not declare it.

For more information contact:

Adrienne Kruger
Academic Program Support Specialist

Edgar Vargas Blanco
Lead Faculty- Spanish 

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