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Associate of Arts Degree with Spanish Designation

The Associate of Arts Degree with Spanish Designation is transferable in its totality to any 4-year institution in the State of Colorado (except UC-Boulder) and allows the student who transfers to start at the junior level.

What gives this AA degree the designation in Spanish is the fact that the students select Spanish courses in their Arts and Humanities and Elective sections, and History of Latin America in the History section.

With regards to the Spanish courses, the information of the Language Achievement Certificate applies here.  Besides those four courses, students will have to take [1] Spanish 235: Reading-Writing (3 credits) and Spanish 275: Special topics (3 credits). In this last course, the students decide what they want to focus on.

Textbooks are not needed for these two courses.

View and download the course requirements for Associate of Arts Degree with Spanish Designation.

For more information, contact:

Adrienne Kruger
Academic Program Support Specialist

Edgar Vargas Blanco
Lead Faculty- Spanish 

[1] If you are a Heritage Speaker, you can test out of the sequence SPA 111-212 (16 credits) and only take SPA 235 and SPA 275. This can save a lot of time and money.

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