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Translation and Interpretation Faculty

Full-time Faculty

Cynthia Deligeorges
Cynthia is a full-time faculty member in the Translation and Interpretation program. She has been working as an Arabic and French medical and conference interpreter for more than seven years. Prior to moving to Colorado, Cynthia worked in Washington D.C. as a medical and legal interpreter and translator for a nonprofit, in a program for survivors of torture and trauma. In addition, Cynthia contracted with the government, including the Defense Language Institute and the Air Force, as an Arabic and French language instructor, curriculum developer, cultural educator, and test trainer. She developed and evaluated translation tests for Federal and private employees. Cynthia also conducted in person FSI (Foreign Service Institute) format language tests for Federal employees. She earned her French BS in Nutrition and Dietetics from Saint Joseph University in Lebanon then studied Translation at New York University. She holds a certificate of Advanced English Proficiency from Georgetown University.



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