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Online Classes & Degrees at Community College of Aurora

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What is the difference between CCA Online and CCCOnline classes? For the completion of your degree or certificate, they are essentially the same. They both count toward your degree or certificate. Tuition costs are equal. They both use the Desire2Learn platform. And they both have the same learning outcomes.

About Online Education at CCA
CCA offers Colorado online courses that fit YOUR schedule!
Online courses utilize the Internet, making it convenient for you to complete assignments and interact with your instructors and classmates online, and from any location using a computer and Internet connection. There are courses on math, computers, statistics, writing, history, management, and much more.

Benefits of Obtaining an Online Education
No matter what your schedule, CCA has the right type of course for you!

Various Types of Courses We Offer
Full Online Courses
Community College of Aurora offers Colorado online classes that are taken fully online, where all instruction and assignments are completed online using a learning management system. Students complete assignments online from wherever and whenever they wish! Many people who take online courses also have full-time jobs, and find the convenience of online courses the best way to complete their degree.

Hybrid Online Courses
Hybrid online courses are another alternative that combine the flexibility of online courses with the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the instructor and classmates. Some of the work is completed online using a learning management system, and the remainder through scheduled meeting times that are published for each course. Some or all meeting times may be mandatory depending upon the course and instructor.

Self-Paced Courses
Self-paced courses start at the beginning of the semester and must be completed in one semester, allowing students to progress at their own pace during the semester. Self-paced courses may require due dates on certain assignments, depending on the course and instructor. The courses are Internet based; however, instructors are available to meet with individual students at specified times. Still wondering if online learning right for you? Learn more about obtaining an online education at CCA.

Online Degrees and Certificates

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Note: Registration for online courses follows the same procedure as enrolling in any other courses. Start by applying for admission.  If you have questions on the registration process, call 303-360-4700. 

State Authorization Guidelines – Please consult this document for a list of states where CCA is currently authorized to offer online classes.



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