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Remote Placement Testing Request for CCA Enrollment

Welcome to the Community College of Aurora! To get started with CCA, we must determine your course placement using test scores.

Step 1. Determine whether you may be exempt from the placement test by filling out the Pre-Assessment Questionnaire. You can correspond with the using your student email account if you have any immediate questions. If you are not exempt, you will be taking the placement test. Note that we cannot communicate any specific information about your student record through your personal email address.

Step 2. Prepare for the test. Use the resources on our website for information about the Accuplacer, as well as study guides, and online workshops to help you. 

Step 3. Find a local College Testing Center or Public Librarian who can proctor the test for you. This person must have no relation to you. Ask them to fill out the CCA Placement Testing Remote Proctor Application. Then scan and upload it when filling out the application form below. You can review a list of colleges who offer exam proctoring for other schools. 

Step 4. Once we receive the Proctor Application and process it (usually within 2 business days), you will need to schedule with the remote location to take the test. Most students need both math and English testing to enroll in our college. Depending on your scores, you may also need to take secondary assessments that we will be determined at a later time. Please note that the cost of the test is determined by the testing location, and that we do not control or reimburse you for this cost.

Step 5. When you are finished with your placement tests, you will get a copy of your test scores. We will also enter them into our system here. Then you can correspond with the to discuss registration for courses.

Accommodations: Community College of Aurora will provide reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities. To request accommodations, complete the Needs Assessment form. You will need to provide documentation of your disability to the Assessment Services Office. Students may make an appointment to request assistance with completing the forms by calling 303-340-7548, 303-361-7395 V/TDD/VP or emailing to: ODE@CCAURORA.EDU.


Do not fill this out until you have downloaded the Proctor Application (found in step 3 above), filled it out, and then scanned and uploaded it below.
Thank you.

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