CCA is an accredited community college with campuses in Aurora and Denver Colorado

Request a Room

Request a room

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Event Information

For example: 3/7/14 - Friday

Time Period

(Please allow 48 hours on all room requests!)

NOTE TO INSTRUCTORS: Classrooms are available for course-related activities Monday - Saturday.

To specify a building and room, use the format BuildingCode-Room (e.g. LCNOR-100 for North Quad room 100). Building codes are:
LCNOR - Lowry North Quad
LCWES - Lowry West Quad
LCSIM - Lowry Center for Simulation
A - CentreTech Administration building
C - CentreTech Classroom building
F - CentreTech Fine Arts building (Forum is F-100; Larry D. Carter Theater is F-110)
S - CentreTech Student Centre (Rotunda is S-100)
Or other - specify

NOTE: Meetings scheduled after 10pm M-F; after 4pm Saturday and any time on Sunday require Dean approval or exception by the scheduler. In consideration of others, if you cancel your meeting, please notify the facilities scheduler. If you require room setup please contact Chris Hunt or if you need media services, please contact CCA Security.

AFTER SUBMITTING THIS FORM: You will receive a Confirmation Page once you submit the form. You may print this confirmation for your records. The Facilities Scheduler will contact you in response to your request.

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