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Spanish- Student Testimonials

Here is what CCA's Spanish students have to say about our program:

"I am a high school student taking concurrent enrollment classes at CCA. Having taken a few high school Spanish classes in the past, I wanted to expand my knowledge of the language and culture and be able to speak it fluently. I enjoy learning other languages, and also fluently speak Russian. In addition, I decided to take the Spanish courses at CCA and complete the Spanish program to help advance me in the career field in the future.

What I liked most about the classes was the interactivity. We engaged in much dialogue and discussion, which not only improved with oral communication skills, but also increased our knowledge of Latin-American culture. Also, the workload was manageable and every assignment was significant and beneficial. Another thing I liked about the Spanish program was the ability to take both SPA211 and SPA212 in the same semester and finish the program faster. Finally, the language department was tremedously helpful in advising me in what career opportunities are possible and what degrees would best suit my desired career field.

These classes will definitely benefit me not only in my future career, but also in my daily life to be able to communicate and connect with many more people around the world! I am greatly thankful for this program and the wonderful staff that helped me get where I am today!"           -J.C.


"My name is Celeste and I am a full-time student at Aurora Community College. Spanish 211 and Spanish 212 are my first ever Spanish classes. The reason I decided to take them is that I wanted to review the Spanish I already knew, and learn how to write and speak it properly.  What I liked most about these classes is that there were a lot of in class discussions.  I personally felt that these discussions helped me expand my vocabulary and help me with my pronunciation. Over all, I enjoyed the classes, students, and teacher very much. I eventually hope to get my Associates in Translation and Interpretation, and I know that these classes will help me get one-step closer to achieving my goal."               -C.G.


"My name is Janet and I am a full-time student at CCA.  My parents are from Mexico and I grew up speaking Spanish at home.  Although Spanish is my first language, I mostly speak English.  I just finished taking SPA 211 and SPA 212. What I like the most about the classes is that the instructor understood us, Heritage Speakers. Her understanding was very helpful.  I feel more confident now when I speak and write in Spanish. These classes have also helped me to understand more and feel closer to my Mexican culture. I have taken many classes at CCA, but the Spanish classes have been my favorite ones."         -J.C.


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