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Start Your Career as a Diesel Mechanic

Earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in Diesel Power Mechanics in 1 year and have a job waiting for you at the end.
Sponsorships are available!

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The Diesel Power Mechanics program at the Community College of Aurora trains you to become a diesel mechanic. In one year, you will complete an Associate of Applied Science degree, graduate from CCA, and start your career as a diesel mechanic. With more than 400 jobs posted in Colorado from January 2018 to December 2019 your job prospects are looking good!

CCA offers:

  • Hands-on training. Learn how to maintain and repair diesel engines, which serve as power sources at plants and are a core element of tractors, consumer RVs, marine vehicles, mining equipment, and more.
  • Sponsorships. Qualified students could earn a sponsorship with a member company of the Colorado Equipment Dealers Association. Sponsoring dealers’ intent is to offer full-time employment and tuition reimbursement after completing the program at CCA. 
  • Affordable tuition, financial aid, and scholarships. Other tech schools may charge over $30,000 for you to earn a certificate or associate degree in diesel mechanics. Not CCA. CCA’s program costs about $11,500 for in-state residents with the Colorado Opportunity Fund stipend. 

Diesel Power Mechanics Events in April and May


  • Diesel Engines
  • Heavy Duty Powertrains 
  • Diesel Fuel Systems
  • Hydraulic Systems 
  • Heavy Duty Steering and Suspension 
  • Diesel Air Induction and Exhaust

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"I’m a young father and husband who decided to establish a future for my family by getting a proper career. I discovered CCA’s Diesel Power Mechanics program this summer when researching local schools. Through the program, I’ve gained a vast amount of knowledge, friends, and a sponsorship through MHC Kenworth."

- Channing Reece, Diesel student at CCA

Earn More

Colorado diesel mechanics earn 11% more than the national median wage.*
- Colorado median wage: $25.35/hr
- National median wage: $22.76/hr

*Data is extracted from Emsi Labor Market Analytics as of January 2020.

Regional Demand

Adams, Denver, Arapahoe, and Jefferson are the top four counties that are looking for diesel mechanics in Colorado.*

Job Growth

Denver county saw 3% job growth from 2018 to 2019.*