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At The Community College Of Aurora, You Will Receive The Training And Skills In Logistics That Employers Are Looking For.

The Community College of Aurora (CCA) offers certificates in Warehouse Operations, Inventory Management, and Purchasing and Procurement. These certificates are geared to provide you with real-world skills in the areas of logistics.

CCA provides Logistics Certificates in the following three areas:

Warehouse Operations              
The process controls, inspections, automation handling, picking, receiving, storing and management systems involved in today’s modern warehouses are more sophisticated than ever. Initial and incumbent workers now require an equally formal education to understand and advance their career in this arena of logistics.

Inventory Management                    
Embedded within logistics management and process flow is the mastery of company inventory.  You will learn inventory tracking and scheduling, inventory reporting, real-time product positioning, process controls, and inventory software.

Purchasing and Procurement          
Purchasing is the transaction of buying items. Procurement is the strategic thinking of collective purchasing activity. Discount buying, forecasting, domestic and international trading terms, and collective purchasing with other businesses are examples of the more calculated approach to this supply chain operation.

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More About CCA's Logistics Program

The possibilities of what you can do with one of our certificates from CCA are nearly endless. What will you do with yours?

Three Paths

With three certificates, you can find the path that fits your career goals.

Get Into The Workforce Faster

This program is cohort-based and can be completed in two back-to-back semesters.

Gain Skills Employers Want

Our program was developed in partnership with local industry to provide you the skills they are looking for.