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CCA On-Campus Recruiting Policy

Recruiting Policies and Procedures for Talent Acquisition Professionals

Career Services assists talent acquisition professionals seeking to fill actual or anticipated bona fide positions, career-related paid or unpaid internships, co-op positions, summer jobs, and experiential learning opportunities. A bona fide full-time or part-time position is defined as a career opportunity that is salaried (not 100% commission) and does not require the candidate to pay a fee for training/coursework/background checks, purchasing a membership and/or products, or any other job-related expenses (including draw against future earnings). Career Services reserves the right to ensure that employers are in compliance with all policies and procedures. Additionally, Career Services reserves the right to prohibit any employer from participating in on-campus recruiting activities for violations of these policies, if the positions being advertised does not align with any of our six guided pathways, or if the mission and values of the company do not align with CCA’s overall mission.  Any violation of this agreement may result in termination of employer account and suspension of recruiting privileges at CCA, as determined by the Director of Career Services.

  • Employers offering “straight commission” positions:
    • Employers with “straight commission” positions may request to use our services (postings, jobs, on-campus recruiting, and attend jobs fair). However, the terms “straight commission” must be explicitly stated in the job posting so that students are aware and can make a decision as to whether or not they are interested in those opportunities.
  • Third Party/Staffing Agencies (TPSA):
    • TPSA must have an approved account in the Career Corner and a completed Third Party/Staffing Agency Statement of Understanding (request via email) form on file that confirms agreement to the terms outlined below. All approved TPSA may post positions in the Career Corner; however, may not engage in on-campus recruiting (career fairs, tabling, CCA Career Chats, etc.) unless approved by Career Services with the understanding that the TPSA is hiring for internal candidates only.
      • When recruiting for external positions for clients, TPSA can recruit by posting jobs only.
      • When recruiting for internal part-time, full-time, internship opportunities, TPSA can participate in on-campus recruiting activities. While participating in on-campus recruiting activities, TPSA must have their internal positions posted in the Career Corner and can ONLY promote their internal positions at events. TPSA must provide marketing materials and handouts for approval to Career Services in advance of OCR activities.
      • Under no circumstances may fees be charged to students.
      • TPSA may recruit only for clients they represent and all job listings must clearly indicate that candidates will be working through TPSA and external client/company/organization.
      • Candidates’ names and/or resumes obtained for a job opening may not be used for subsequent job openings or for solicitation of employer clients, except where specific arrangements have been initiated and agreed upon by the candidates.
      • For job postings, TPSA must provide the name of the clients, location and job title to Career Services, and must state in the job description that any fees assessed by the agency will be paid by the client organization or employer represented. CCA will not post any opportunities that require students to pay fees.
      • TPSA agree that they and the clients represented will adhere to strict Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines.
      • Any violation of this agreement may result in termination of employer account and suspension of recruiting privileges at CCA, as determined by the Director of Career Services.

On-Campus Recruitment (OCR)

Talent Acquisition Professionals are required to have an active account in the Career Corner and are required to comply with the state and federal Equal Employment Opportunity regulations and related legislation in their recruitment and hiring practices (job postings, on-campus recruiting, campus visits and job fair attendance). Consideration should be afforded to all candidates without regard to race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation and gender identity), national origin, age (40 or older), disability, or genetic information.

Interview and presentation facilities arranged by Career Services are to be used solely to speak with students and alumni from CCA who are eligible for services from Career Services. Students enrolled at other universities or graduates from other universities are NOT eligible to register in our Career Corner system.

  • On-Campus Interviews (OCI)
    • Scheduling: Reservations must be submitted via the Career Corner
      • Career Services allows the use of “greeters” as long as this practice does not interfere with our office business or create environmental distractions for students and employers.
      • Employers participating in on-campus interviews must submit interview schedules to Career Services (a separate form will be provided if utilizing “Rooms Only” option), and are expected to complete all evaluations including Student Feedback Forms.
    • Cancellations: Employers who utilize the OCI program must give sufficient notice (minimum of 48-hours) in the event of a schedule cancellation. The recruiter will be advised to contact each student directly to make arrangement for another interview date/time. The recruiter is also asked to share follow-up information with Career Services.
    • Student “No-Show” Policy: When an employer utilizes the pre-select, open, or pre-select continuous interview options in the Career Corner, we abide by a strict “no-show” policy for students.
  • Tabling and Foxtail Career Chats
    • Employers are allowed to table as many times as they would like each semester on campus.


Scheduling: Reservations must be submitted 7 business days in advance of the date requested

    • Cancellations: Employers must give sufficient notice (minimum of 48-hours) in the event of a schedule cancellation. A “no-show” counts as one of the two tabling opportunities and serves as a recruitment violation noted on their Career Corner account.
  • Career Fair Refund, Cancellation and “No-Show” Policies
    • All registration fees are non-refundable. Event cancellations will be accepted up to 2 weeks prior to the event. Event “No-Shows” will still be responsible for the registration balance that is due. A spot at our career fair is not guaranteed until full payment has been arranged.
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