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Tips on How College Students can Successfully Navigate the Job Market during COVID-19

Identifying and talking about my skills: Soft Skills make up the bulk of what employers are looking for when considering their next hire. Yes- technical skills are important and it's good to have them... however, there are other skills you can be developing and using in and out of the classroom that many companies value as well! Many hiring managers believe that they can train you how to do the job, but you have to have those good soft skills- communication, integrity, team work, etc.- to make it to your first day.

 and defining them to talk about yourself through a strengths focus

 during your time at CCA



Take a look at our recorded workshops!

Soft Skills and Interpersonal Skills: How to market the skills you already have (and may not even know about) to employers! Do you need to report your participation in a Career workshop for class or a program you're involved in? Take this 4-question quiz after watching!

Working a Virtual Room: Prepare for a Virtual career fair and networking opportunities. Do you need to report participation for a class or program? Take this 4-question quiz after watching!

Interview Preparation: How to prepare, answering the common questions, and strategies for in-person, phone, or virtual interviews. Take this 4-questin quiz for credit or reporting attendance after watching!

LinkedIn Profile Development: Learn the best practices for setting up your profile to attract connections to your experiences! Take this 4-question quiz for credit or reporting attendance after watching!

Resume Writing: Learn the basics of content to put in your resume, practice writing bullet points to stand out! 



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Career Corner

Career Corner is our digital Job and internship hub specific to CCA students! This allows you to look at job postings (updated DAILY!), upload your resume to be reviewed by Career Services, and view other quick career resources such as articles, videos, and career chats!


Meet Us!

Meet the Career Services Team 

Who are your Career Advisors at CCA? Get to know us and our personal contact information- we'd love to assist you through this process in any way possible!


Career Exploration

I Am Not Sure What I Want To Do (Career Exploration) 

What is your next step? This page provides Guided Pathway career-Related Information as well as online resources and assessments to help you plan your career! The assessments consist of Interest Inventories, Aptitude Assessments, Personality Assessments, Values Card Sorts, and transferable skills lists.

Are you on target to reach your goals?

Setting Goals for Career Success

Being able to break down your future plans and goals into bite-sized steps that are manageable and SMART is just as important as getting an idea of what you'd like to do! Check out these resources on goals and building relationships that will help you set goals that fit your situation and vision for yourself!


Building Connections

Building Connections

While most people know that knowing people in the industry and having someone to talk with who is familiar with the process of breaking into the field, it can be intimidating thinking about how to build those relationships. This page has tips and tools to help you build connections that matter. 


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Job Search/Resume Help

This page includes our resume template, a powerpoint presentation that walks you through the basics of resume writing, a list of skills to help you get started, and resources for how to conduct a successful job search. See helpful sites, how to evaluate job postings and decide which to apply for, and more tips on how to build relationships in the field!

Putting it all together

Internship & Experiential Learning 

What is the purpose of gaining experience while you're still in school? How can you gain experience when all the jobs say they already want experience? Check out these resources to find out!


Desire 2 Learn (D2L) shell

The D2L Shell for Career Services lets you use all of our Career Resources and keep track of what you've completed, your assessment scores, and other tanglible career efforts all in one place! Let us know if you'd like to be added by emailing us your Student number and name: 


Interviewing Strategies

Interviewing Strategies

This page has everything you need to help you prepare for your next interview to land the job! It includes tips on answering the most common interview questions, how to present yourself, the little tricks to help you stand out, and tips for phone and web-based interviews as well!


Major opportunities

About my Major 

Discover resources to learn more about your major at CCA, opportunities, and gain a brief overview of what careers in your chosen field may look like! Don't forget, no list can ever include EVERYTHING- have an idea you don't see? Let's talk about it!



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