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Internships & Experiential Learning

                                  Where Will Your Experiences Lead You?

What direction will your career take?


“Experiential Learning” is often referred to as learning by doing. It gives you the opportunity to use or gain knowledge in a different way than solely reading textbooks or listening to lectures. It’s often through “involvement” that we truly learn — we take terms and theories and see how they play out through interaction and hands-on experience with people and places. Through experiential learning, you learn to reflect in a deeper and more meaningful way about your experiences. It can help you increase your knowledge, learn new ways to apply that knowledge, develop your skills and clarify your values.

Internships: These can be paid or unpaid; either way, the experience is valuable! Look up the websites of companies or organizations in your field to see if they have internship programs. If not, just ask if they’d be willing to take an intern. Career Services has information on internships available, but your best bet might be to ask for and seek out opportunities on your own.

Places to Find Internships

The Career Corner

Chegg Internships


Externships: Join your peers and career services at local companies. These outing events typically begin or end with a tour and different people at the company sharing their day to day activities and their career story. 

List of Externship Events:


Job Shadowing: Spend a day observing an employer in the position you desire with the intent of learning about the profession, a day in the life of and company culture.

Job Shadowing Resources

Informational Interviews: Get the low down on the challenges and rewards of an occupation from someone who does it every day.

How do I conduct an Informational Interview?

Community Service/Volunteer Work:-Gain experience while making a positive impact and finding personal satisfaction.

Online Volunteer Resources:

     Volunteer Match

     United We Serve

     Create the Good

Need help finding other volunteer opportunities? Meet with a career counselor or advisor to brainstorm potential volunteer opportunities.

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