Concurrent Enrollment Program

Did you know you can get a jump start on your college plans by earning college credit while still in high school? Concurrent Enrollment offers students the opportunity to take college-level courses at either their high school or on the CCA campus! Not only can you get a head start on your college courses and possibly reduce the time you spend in college, but your school district pays for your college tuition!

What is Concurrent Enrollment?

The Concurrent Enrollment Program is an exciting partnership between the Community College of Aurora and high school districts that allow eligible 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students the opportunity to enroll in college credit courses while in high school. The Concurrent Enrollment Program consists of three separate components:

  • Concurrent Enrollment courses on the CCA Campus

  • Concurrent Enrollment courses in the high school

  • The Ascent Program

Concurrent Enrollment at the Community College of Aurora provides free college courses to qualified high school students.

Concurrent Enrollment is an exciting program that allows high school students to jump-start their college education or career training while also receiving high school credit.

CCA’s Concurrent Enrollment team strives to provide students, instructors, high school personnel, school districts, and CCA academic departments with the resources and support that empower students to successfully complete college-level courses during their high school careers and successfully transition to college. Interested in hearing a student's perspective of the program? Click the "students" button below to hear stories from students who have participated in both Concurrent Enrollment and ASCENT. 


 Benefits of Concurrent Enrollment & Ascent

There are many benefits to completing Concurrent Enrollment courses at the Community College of Aurora including:

  • Tuition for college courses is paid by the student’s school district and this translates to a saving of at least $400 for each 3 credit course taken through Concurrent Enrollment.

  • Reduce the time spent pursuing a college degree – by completing college courses in high school students will have fewer credits to complete once they are enrolled in college.

  • Transfer credits to any public college in Colorado. Students can select gtPathway (Guaranteed Transfer Pathway) courses that are guaranteed to transfer to any public college in Colorado including but not limited to the Community College of Aurora.

  • Prepare yourself early for college-level course work. By taking college courses in a supportive high school environment. Students can prepare themselves earlier for the challenges in pursuing a higher education degree.

Additional information can be found on the Aurora Public Schools ASCENT website. 


Interested in Guided Pathways? Click below to find out more. 

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To see what the state is doing to expand college access for high school students, click on this link to the Colorado Department of Education.

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