ASCENT Program

Participate in ASCENT  to take free college classes after high school!

ASCENT (Accelerating Students through Concurrent Enrollment) is a program that allows qualified high school seniors to remain enrolled in their school district and take a fifth year consisting entirely of college classes at the Community College of Aurora. The tuition for the college classes is paid by the school district at the community college tuition rate and is free to students!


A qualified student is eligible for ASCENT if the student:

  • Has completed, or is on schedule to complete, at least 9 credit hours (semester hours or equivalent) of transcripted, credit-bearing, college-level postsecondary coursework prior to completing their 12th grade year. Developmental education college courses do not qualify as part of the 9 required credits.
  • Is college ready, and not in need of developmental coursework in accordance with the pathway in which they enroll.
  • Applies to and is accepted into Community College of Aurora.
  • Has not been designated an ASCENT program participant in any prior year (students can only participate in ASCENT for 1 academic year).

*Additionally, some school districts may have their own requirements in determining approval of students to participate in ASCENT.


Please contact Academic Success in Concurrent Enrollment, 303.340.5226 for more information.



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