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ASCENT Program

Accelerating Student through Concurrent Enrollment (ASCENT)

The Ascent Program is a partnership between High School Districts and the Community College of Aurora. ASCENT allows for the student to attend a technical or community college full time the year following a student’s senior year in high school.

There are several benefits of being accepted into the ASCENT Program including earning credits towards an associate’s degree or certificate, individual advising, and college tuition paid by your school district.

Program qualifications?

To qualify to participate in the ASCENT program students must:

  • Meet all graduation requirements for their high school.

  • Successfully complete 12 credit hours of concurrent enrollment coursework prior to the end of their senior year.

  • Be college ready, receiving an ACT English Score of 18, Reading 17, Math 23 or Accuplacer Sentence Skills of 95, Reading Comprehension of 80 and Elementary Algebra of 85. (If pursuing an Associate of Arts Degree)

  • Have an ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) on file at CCA.

What additional information do I need to know?

  • If you wish to be a part of the ASCENT Program you will not receive your high school diploma but are encouraged to walk at your high school graduation ceremony.

  • Students must maintain a minimum of 12 credit hours to remain in the program.

  • Students must enroll and complete a AAA101 college success course.

  • Additional information can be found on the following links:

  • Students will be required to attend a New Student Orientation session prior to the beginning of the fall semester of their ASCENT year.

  • Students will not be eligible to receive any state-federal funds.

Contact Information 

Michelle Pacheco
Associate Dean, Concurrent Enrollment
(303) 340-7511

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