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CCA in the High Schools

You may be able to take college-level classes without leaving your high school.

CCA department chairs have found high school teachers who meet the qualifications to be faculty at CCA. The chairs have worked with the teachers to make sure that certain high school classes they teach meet all the standards of college courses taught at CCA. Sometimes this means adding topics to a high school class or adjusting the difficulty of assignments. Students who take one of these approved classes from a qualified teacher--and who meet CCA’s requirements and prerequisites for the class--have the opportunity to enroll with CCA and get college credit for the class. The school district pays the tuition, so the student owes no money to CCA.

 To take a class at your high school:

1. Meet with your high school counselor to learn which classes your school offers for concurrent enrollment.
2. If you qualify (high school prerequisites and CCA test scores), sign up for the class.
3. A CCA concurrent enrollment representative will visit the class and explain all the paperwork and other requirements.
4. Complete the CCA paperwork and confirm that you meet the other requirements.
5. Return the completed packet to your school.
6. Apply for the College Opportunity Fund (COF) at
7. Work hard to do well in the class.
These are general procedures. Click on your district below for more information.

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