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Resident tuition rates - Colorado GI Promise Act

The G.I. Promise Act was passed in 2010 and allows for discharged members of the U.S. Armed Forces, including members of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, and the NOAA Officer Corps. who have a character of service of either "Honorable" or "General" on their release from active duty paperwork, to receive the resident rate of tuition at state institutions in Colorado. The Board of Trustees agreed to extend these benefits to dependents beginning in the summer of 2010.

Eligibility begins the term following release from active duty. For example, if an eligible person is released from active duty effective October 1 of any year, he/she would be eligible for the benefit for the spring term. Colleges have the flexibility to extend the in-state tuition benefit for any late start courses beginning after release from active duty if the eligible student does not already have registration for courses in the same term that start before the release date. (Since tuition is assessed by term, applying the in-state benefit to late start classes would also apply a tuition refund for any courses already in progress but starting before the eligibility date.)

This applies even if the eligible student is not able to immediately produce his/her discharge paperwork. It is based on release from active duty date. The student is hereby informed that if given this benefit on the assumption that paperwork is to follow later in the term, he/she will be responsible for non-resident tuition charges if he/she does not turn in the required paperwork in the timeline given.

These students shall remain coded as non-resident (unless they qualify for residency independent of their military discharge status).  

When the parent (Vet) is still living, student must present:
Discharged parent’s DD214.
Student’s military dependent card.
Proof that vet lives in Colorado (Colo Drivers License or Colo ID card is fine).
If the “eligible” parent (ie the Veteran) lives out of state, student is not eligible.
When the parent (Vet) is deceased, student must present:
Vet’s DD214.
ID Card showing veteran is deceased. 
Proof that the dependent is now in Colorado (again Colo License is easiest but anything will work as long as it’s apparent that the student lives here).
Please contact the the Admissions and Records Office at 303-360-4700 if you have questions regarding your residency classification.






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