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With Student Life, you can get involved in the CCA community as a way to enhance your experience, meet new people, and develop skills that will help you now and in your next journey.

Workshop Proposal Submission for CCA's Student Leadership Conference

Student Leadership Conference - February 21, 2020

This year's conference theme is Building Your Movement: CCA Students Leading for Justice. We will spend the day examining our own understanding of leadership, social justice, and identity and how those intertwine to provide us with opportunities to impact our community in meaningful ways. As CCA students, you are presented with opportunities to impact justice at CCA, in your community, at home and globally. What will your movement be? Build your movement at CCA's Student Leadership Conference.

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In addition to providing involvement opportunities for students, we also offer the following services that students, staff, and faculty can access. Flyer posting is available to community and external organizations.


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