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Our Vision

We strive to develop student leaders and transform the college experience.


Our Mission

The Office of Student Life is committed to providing inclusive, co-curricular opportunities that promote sense of belonging and enhance the student experience.


Our Values


We provide high quality programs, activities, and learning opportunities through active partnerships with departments, organizations and the community


We strive to build meaningful relationships that foster belonging and connection to the college and greater Aurora area

Inclusive Excellence

We are committed to equity, diversity and inclusion efforts that support the student and their lived experiences

Personal Growth and Development

We understand the importance of meeting students where they are, while also providing opportunities for them to grow through ongoing personal and professional development


Our Commitment to You

We support CCA's committment to Inclusive Excellence by providing quality, inclusive, and responsive programming and services outside the classroom. Learn more about our Inclusive Excellence at CCA.

You matter. You are valued. You belong. CCA is a community that is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion through Inclusive Excellence. We can only achieve this together.

CCA embraces Inclusive Excellence because we want our students, staff, and faculty to learn and contribute within an inclusive environment. This means members of our College community will be active, respectful, and mindful of equity, diversity, and inclusion at all levels of engagement. Inclusive Excellence will provide a foundation for student and institutional success.

Recognizing our diversity is only the first step toward Inclusive Excellence. We must also be intentional in valuing cultural differences and experiences, while incorporating them into practices, curricula, and policies. The CCA community will be transformed through the following actions:

  • Create an Inclusive Excellence plan
  • Incorporate evidence-based and inclusive teaching strategies and curricula in the classroom
  • Provide high quality, inclusive and responsive programming and services outside the classroom
  • Provide intentional faculty and staff professional development that focuses on the implementation of Inclusive Excellence
  • Identify, prioritize, and allocate resources that support Inclusive Excellence
  • Foster a climate for open dialogue
  • Facilitate opportunities for cross-cultural interaction

 Student Learning

The Office of Student Life is committed to enhancing student learning at CCA. We want students' out-of-the-classroom experiences to be intentional and fun. Take a look at our learning domains, which are the main areas of learning we focus on when planning campus events and programming. 


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