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Register your Student-Led Organization

All new and returning SLOs must complete the Active SLO form below

 The purpose of completing this form is so the Office of Student Life and the Student Government Association has the most up to date information for your organization. It is expected that this form be completed by the President of each Student-Led Organization (SLO) every semester. 

Please note that you cannot save this form and complete it later; you must complete the form in one sitting. You will need the following to complete the form:

1. Advisor Information

2. Officer Roster. Here is an example of what your roster must look like:  Roster 

3. Updated Constitution and bylaws. Here is an example of what your constitution must look like: Constitution

4. Your organization's mission statement


Want to start a new SLO?

To become an active organization, you must complete the following information.

1. Find an advisor (this must be any full-time faculty or staff member at CCA)

2. Review the Student-Led Organization Manual

3. Find at least 3 members (you will need at least a President and Treasurer office positions)

4. Complete and submit the form below


Apply for Funding 

SLOs are funded by student fees, which are allocated by SGA. Please complete the following form if your SLO wishes to receive funding from SGA: Apply for Funding



Is this a new SLO?
Is your SLO affiliated with a national organization?
Upload your Officer Roster. A template can be found at the top of this page. This document should include the Name, Email, and Phone Number of each Officer. Typed uploads, only.
Upload requirements
Please upload your Constitution. If you do not have a constitution, you will be asked to create one.
Upload requirements

As the President of this Student-Led Organization, I understand and agree to the following:

  1. Act as chairperson at organization meetings,
  2. Act as a representative of the organization to internal and external constituents,
  3. Work in conjunction with other officers to be sure that all necessary forms are completed and submitted to Student Life and SGA in order to form and maintain an official organization,
  4. Work in conjunction with the Treasurer to prepare the organization budget,
  5. Have authority to authorize expenditures from the organization budget,
  6. Maintain a consistent and communicative relationship with the organization Advisor,
  7. See that the constitution and bylaws of the organization are up to date and followed,
  8. See that the organization as a whole accomplishes its goals and fulfills its responsibilities and purposes,
  9. Call special meetings when necessary,
  10. Serve as acting Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, SGA Representative, or other officer positions when the positions are vacant or the students are unable to fulfill their duties, and
  11. Assume any additional responsibilities that the constitution, bylaws, or organization may stipulate.

As the President of this Student-Led Organization, I understand the role of the Advisor, as listed below, and have discussed Advisor/SLO expectations with my Advisor.

Who Can Be an Advisor

  1. Any full-time and/or permanent member of CCA's faculty, administration, or staff.
  2. In some cases, an external member of the community may act as a co-advisor to an organization. If this is the case for your organization, please contact the Assistant Director of Student Life, Sydney Pedregon at

Advisor Responsibilities

  1. Serve as a liaison between students and CCA.
  2. Provide support to officers in their organization role and through the education process.
  3. Have an understanding of Student Affairs functions and processes.
  4. Empower students to take ownership of their learning process while providing guidance relating to organization purpose, programs, plans, and direction.
  5. Provide continuity and help students understand how to implement programs consistent with the mission of the organization and the educational goals and policies of CCA.
  6. Be knowledgeable about CCA and the Colorado Community College System policies and procedures.
  7. Regularly attend and have a healthy involvement in organization meetings and functions.
  8. Be aware of the organization’s financial status and regularly review, with Treasurer, organization budget and expenditures.
  9. Be available for consultation, advice, and problem solving outside of the organization meetings during times that are mutually agreed upon between advisor and students. 
  10. Regularly review documentation regarding organization activities, external communications, marketing, travel forms, etc.
  11. Be in communication with the Office of Student Life regarding organization related functions, concerns, and/or issues.
  12. Attend Advisor trainings facilitated and coordinated by The Office of Student Life.

I commit to reviewing the Student-Led Manual with my Advisor, Officers, and Members.

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