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Equipment Reservations

Items to Reserve
Which Campus?

Student Life wants to ensure our items can be used by others for a long time, so please read the information below and provide your initials indicating you have read and agree to the following:

  • The use of these items are for school-related activities only. They are not for private use.
  • These items must be maintained in good condition. Any malfunction or damage must be reported to Student Life. The borrower is responsible for any replacement or repair fees.
  • Items should be returned in same condition as when they were checked out. Examples: Drink containers must be cleaned out, dry erase board wiped off.
  • Returning these items must be to a Student Life staff member. Leaving items outside the Student Life door will not be tolerated, for items could be stolen or damaged.
  • Return these items to the same location as you picked them up.
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