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myQUEST for Faculty and Staff

myQUEST is a CCA initiative. Leave Your Mark.


We have amazing talent and expertise within our CCA community. The Office of Student Life needs your talent and expertise to impact the myQUEST program and to make it a true campus-wide initiative. Below we descibe the why, what, and how of myQUEST for staff and faculty. Learn more about the program from the student perspective.


Our society needs leaders. CCA needs leaders. Our students need co-curricular opportunities to demonstrate their potential.


myQUEST is an intentional leadership program designed to enhance students' knowledge acquisition, skill development, and awareness of attitudes and beliefs.

Leadership Learning

To ensure we are facilitating student learning, the chart below outlines learning outcomes associated with this program.

Individual Group Community Inclusive Excellence
Begin and/or further critical awareness of one’s own beliefs, attitudes, privileges, and values that shape the individual. How does the individual align, effectively collaborate, and find a common purpose within groups and teams? Learn to manage controversy in a civil manner. Connect personal and social responsibility to the campus, local, national and international communities, and understand one’s role in creating change.     Understand how identities such as race, gender, sexuality, age, class, gender expression, and ability play a role in social and leadership issues.

Gain knowledge, awareness, and skills to sensitively address issues and collaborate to work toward social change.
  • Examine and articulate how one’s values, backgrounds, and/or characteristics relate to leadership.
  • Describe and illustrate how congruence is demonstrated in one’s own life.   
  • Identify one’s role in a collaborative process.
  • Develop knowledge and skills necessary to respectfully engage in disagreement and opposition with others.
  • Comprehend concept of active citizenship and role in one’s communities.
  • Identify the power one possesses as individuals and as part of groups, which contributes to the social change process.
  • Examine how identities such as race, gender, sexuality, age, class, gender expression, physical/mental ability, etc. play a role in social and leadership issues.
  • Develop knowledge and skills necessary to respectfully and appropriately address social injustices.
Theoretical Framework

We know that learning can be enhanced when it is grounded in something valid and reliable. Aligning myQUEST with a leadership theory or model is important. The Social Change Model of Leadership Development (Higher Education Research Institute, 1997), is a model specifically designed for college students. The three major components of the model, Individual, Group, and Community, act as major components for the program, for which we are calling Leadership Areas. We added Inclusive Excellence as a Leadership Area, as this is a significant area for our students to focus, and for us to facilitate conversations. Learn more about the model.


  1. Promote this program to your students. Know of a student who would benefit from a leadership program? Nominate them.
  2. Students will complete 8 sessions and a capstone project, then receive a leadership certificate. A session is a workshop, lecture, film viewing, small group discussion, etc. that aligns with the leadership areas and learning outcomes of the program. Usually 1 hour to 1.5 hours, these sessions are facilitated by staff, faculty, and community members, and promote student leadership learning.

If you have questions or would like more information, contact Nelson Rodriguez at or 303-360-4726.


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