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What is the Purpose of myQUEST?

To equip you with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes as you develop into an engaged and active leader.

Why a Leadership Program?

Our society needs leaders. CCA needs leaders. We want you to have access to leadership programs that adequately serve your needs, while increasing your involvement on campus - which contributes to enhancing your marketability in the job search process.

Who can Participate? 

You! If you are interested in learning more about yourself, who you are in groups, how to be more active in your communities, and how to be a more mindful and respectful individual, then apply!

What is the Time Commitment?

The time commitment will vary based on your class, work, and family responsibilities, however, it is estimated that you will spend about 20 hours over the course of 2 - 4 semesters. For example:

  • If you are a part-time student: Estimate about 5 hours per semester for 4 semesters, which is 2 sessions per semester
  • If you are a full-time student: Estimate about 10 hours per semester for 2 semesters, which is 4 sessions per semester

What Will You Learn?

You will learn how to increase your knowledge about leadership, develop specific skills, and learn to be more mindful of your leadership attitudes and beliefs. You will participate in 8 different sessions, 2 sessions in each of the 4 leadership areas, which are Individual, Group, Community, and Inclusive Excellence. Check out the chart below for more detailed information.

Individual Group Community Inclusive Excellence
  • Examine and articulate how one’s values, backgrounds, and/or characteristics relate to leadership.
  • Describe and illustrate how congruence is demonstrated in one’s own life.
  • Identify one’s role in a collaborative process.
  • Develop knowledge and skills necessary to respectfully engage in disagreement and opposition with others.
  • Comprehend concept of active citizenship and role in one’s communities.
  • Identify the power individuals possess as individuals and as part of groups, which contributes to the social change process. 
  • Examine how identities such as race, gender, sexuality, age, class, gender expression, and ability play a role in social and leadership issues.
  • Develop knowledge and skills necessary to respectfully and appropriately address social injustices.

How Will the Program Work?

Below is a quick, step-by-step overview of the program and how it will work.

1. Make sure you meet the requirements, which are 1) Be a current CCA student and 2) Be in good academic standing with the College.

2. Complete an online intent to participate form

3. Attend a social to meet other students in the program and the program coordinators. Socials are to be determined for Spring semester.

4. Engage in 8 sessions, 2 in each of the 4 leadership areas (Individual, Group, Community, and Inclusive Excellence). A session is a workshop, lecture, film viewing, and/or group discussion focusing on one of the four leadership areas listed above. Sessions are facilitated by CCA faculty and staff.

5. Reflect on every session by journaling, using the online form, or chatting with another person. You will be given a journal to make it easier to reflect!

6. Create a capstone project that brings together all the learning you have done throughout the program, what we call leadership learning. This project can be a formal PowerPoint presentation, physical piece of art, poem, anything that shares what you have learned throughout the program.

7. Present your capstone project to the Leadership Champions Board, a group of faculty and staff.  

8. Attend the Ceremony to receive acknowledgement and a CCA leadership certificate!


Fall 2020 Schedule

All MyQuest Sessions during the Fall Semester will be conducted over Zoom. Please contact the Office of Student Life for more information.


MyQuest Orientation 

Monday, September 21 


Orientation for the MyQuest leadership program to introduce the program and its purpose and processes to interested participants. 


MyQuest Session: Knowing Your Why 

Monday, September 28 


As a leader, knowing your why, your purpose will help keep you focused, and inspire other to stand beside you. Work on your purpose as a leader in this session, examining how your values and what is important to can drive your leadership forward. 

Leadership area: Individual  


MyQuest Session: Leadership for a Better World (Social Change Model) 

Tuesday, October 13


This workshop will allow you to explore social change and how it is relevant in your everyday lives. You will learn how to grow self-knowledge and leadership skills in order to get involved in making a difference in your community. 

Leadership area: Community  


MyQuest Session: Managing Conflict- When to Note It, Address It, Resolve It 

Thursday, October 15 


You will learn to note your feelings in situations of conflict as well as how to give feedback and manage conflict through perspective-taking. 

Leadership area: Group  


MyQuest Session: Recognizing Our Privilege 

Thursday, October 22


We all hold different identities and the way we navigate life. It’s important to recognize our privilege and how we show up in spaces. Join this MyQuest session and let’s talk about privilege. 

Leadership area: Inclusive Excellence  


MyQuest Session: Inclusive Language 

Wednesday, October 27 


Language is not neutral. Historically, rhetoric and language have been used to empower some and exclude others. Developing awareness to language is key to understanding the principles of equity and inclusion. Essentially, this session will serve as a guide for using inclusive language to improve leadership skills and strengthen inclusive practices on campus (classrooms, meetings, service interaction).

Leadership Area: Inclusive Excellence 


MyQuest Session: Myers Briggs 

Tuesday, November 3


Gain a better understanding of your and others' personality preferences and how they affect personal and professional relationships. Deliver more effective employee engagement programs with a greater understanding of your people, teams, and organization.

Leadership area: Individual 


MyQuest Session: My True Colors 

Thursday, November 12


This workshop will help participants learn how their personality – Color Spectrum affects their professional and personal relationships. These insights can be very powerful, especially when the success of depends on effective communication and mutual collaboration among its people.

Leadership area: Group/Community  


What to Know More? Contact Us!

Office of Student Life: 303-340-7525

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