Assessment of Student Learning

Learning Domains



Assessment Questions


Integrative & Applied Learning



  • Broad range of knowledge
  • Synthesizing information
  • Relating knowledge to daily life



  •  What was the importance of the topic addressed today? (direct)


  • How will you apply this information in your daily life? (direct)


Cognitive Complexity


  • Critical thinking
  • Reflection


  • What is the benefit or impact of addressing this topic today? (direct)


  • How have you changed (values, opinions, etc.) as a person, if at all, based on this event? (direct)

Personal Competence & Responsibility



  • Self-awareness/understanding
  • Identity & values development
  • Congruence


  •  What did you learn about yourself today? (direct)


  • This event helped me to better understand why I act a specific way. (indirect)

Humanitarianism & Inclusive Practices



  •  Understanding and appreciation of cultural and human differences
  • Intercultural competence


  • Share one thing you learned today that you can easily apply when working with others who are different from you. (direct)


  • I better understand how to show respect to others, even if I do not agree with them. (indirect)

Global Learning & Active Citizenship



  • Global perspective (campus, local, national,   international)
  • Civic responsibility and action
  • Collaboration/Group


  • How do you think this topic or issue impacts other parts of the world? (direct)


  • What is one thing you can do to help positively change this topic or issue? (direct)


Interpersonal & Intrapersonal Communication



  • Effectively express, impart or exchange feelings,   thoughts, opinions and information both orally and in writing.
  • Maintain self-confidence when speaking to others


  •  Share how information learned today will help you better communicate with others. (direct)


  • This event provided the opportunity to express my feelings, thoughts, or opinions. (indirect)


Direct = open ended question which asks students to demonstrate their knowledge/learning  

Indirect = scaled question that asks students to reflect on their knowledge/learning rather than demonstrate (scale from 1 to 5, for example)

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