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Student Travel

Student travel is an exciting part of the college experience! If you are coordinating student travel as part of an academic class, college department, or student-led organization, review the entire page for important information.

For questions or additional resources, please contact Nelson Rodriguez, Director of Student Life at nelson.rodriguez@ccaurora.edu


Student Travel Process

Step 1:

Complete the Travel Information Form. This form only needs to be completed once. Information on this form will be shared with the President's Office and Fiscal Affairs so they are aware of any student travel relating to the College, especially if a financial component is involved.

Step 2:

Contact Nelson Rodriguez to schedule a pre-travel meeting (out-of-state and overnight travel only). This meeting will include the travel coordinator(s), Nelson from Student Life, and a representative from Fiscal Affairs. Please schedule meeting at least 30 days prior to travel. 

Step 3: 

Complete appropriate forms

Step 4:

Provide a copy of all student forms and staff emergency contact form to Nelson at least 2 days prior to travel (hard copy or electronic). Please note that the travel authorization form is submitted to Nick Lozano.

Things to Consider

  • In-State student travel: may require a CCA faculty/staff member to participate
  • Out-of-State student travel: always requires a CCA faculty/staff member to participate
  • Overnight stay: always requires a CCA faculty/staff member to participate

Additional Questions

  • Have you thought about how meals will work? Will students pay themselves, will they get reimbursed, will you use a travel card, etc? 
  • Have you contacted Nick Lozano about a travel card?
  • What are your transportation needs and have they been arranged?



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