Library Strategic Direction, 2021-2024

CCA Vision

We aspire to be the college where every student succeeds.

CCA Mission

The Community College of Aurora serves our diverse community by providing high quality instruction and support services to prepare students for transfer and employment.

Library Mission

To provide a welcoming physical and virtual space where students, staff, and instructors can come together as a community that supports and engages them socio-academically through the provision of learning resources, services, and programming.

Goals and Objectives

Build community through outreach and engagement activities

  1. Increase opportunities for early engagement with new CCA students identified as needing additional academic support.
  2. Build peer-to-peer relationships through creation of academic learning communities, such as formalized study groups and book clubs.
  3. Identify, host, or participate in activities and workshops that provide socio-academic support.
  4. Develop a professional collection focusing on administration, teaching, and learning.

Increase equitable access to knowledge and scholarship

  1. Formalize training and support to increase the use of affordable and open educational resources (OER).
  2. Create a CCA branded digital open access publishing platform to highlight campus scholarship.

Integrate digital and information literacies with the curriculum

  1. Collaborate with other academic support departments to create a co-curricular digital skills curriculum with specific learning outcomes.
  2. Provide information literacy instruction that is student-centered and integrates inclusive pedagogy.
  3. Develop online curriculum for information literacy.
  4. Collaborate with new and existing information literacy intensive courses to identify learning needs in the various Guided Pathways.

Provide welcoming physical and virtual spaces

  1. Evaluate accessibility of online and physical resources to improve the research experience for all users.
  2. Increase awareness and skills for inclusive customer service.
  3. Develop focused services and academic support for online and concurrent enrollment learners.
  4. Identify opportunities to co-locate Library with other academic support services.
  5. Participate in analysis and design of library space that is centered in identified student needs.

Engage in reflective practices to enact positive change

  1. Annually update the Library Inclusion Plan to best serve our diverse student body.
  2. Utilize evidence-based and data-informed approaches to decision-making.
  3. Engage in action-based research to inform and improve practice.
  4. Examine policies and procedures to identify systemic barriers.
  5. Utilize program review outcomes to improve instruction and service delivery.
  6. Utilize student and instructor feedback to inform instruction and reference services.


Updated 11/4/2021

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