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Library Strategic Direction, 2017-2020

CCA Vision

We aspire to be the college where every student succeeds.

Library Mission

We anticipate the teaching and learning needs of students, staff, faculty and the community. We enhance teaching and learning by providing innovative spaces, resources, and support so that students succeed as self-sufficient learners. 

Goals and Outcomes

1) Maximize our instructional impact on student success

  1. Develop an information literacy plan that supports transfer readiness and that meets the needs of learners at all levels and abilities
  2. Identify opportunities to provide a dedicated staff person to oversee discipline specific library instruction and other services on the Lowry campus
  3. Streamline the hours of the Make-Up and Accommodation Testing service.

2) Optimize access to and use of information resources

  1. Improve the lending library collection to meet the curricular needs of both campuses
  2. Identify and implement opportunities to provide digital literacy support for students
  3. Promote and support the use of free (Open Educational) and library-purchased resources for teaching in order to save students money
  4. Provide Accommodation and Make-up Testing services on the Lowry Campus
  5. Provide equitable access to physical library resources on the Lowry campus
  6. Support the use of external resources available through consortia, collaboratives, and online networks.

3)    Increase outreach and fundraising

  1. Build and strengthen relationships with Colorado libraries through associations, consortia, and networks.
  2. Collaborate with the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Resource Development to identify and leverage opportunities to raise funds
  3. Develop a library outreach plan to promote the library’s collection, facilities and services that includes social media, print media, and branding
  4. Develop internal and external partnerships to better meet the needs and interests of all students, staff, faculty and the community
  5. Identify opportunities to better serve Community Workforce Development and concurrent enrollment students
  6. Host special events in the Library such as Coffee in the Library, de-stress events, seminars, etc.

4) Identify and optimize library space on both campuses

  1. Leverage the existing library space to provide a flexible and welcoming learning environment that includes the word “Library” in the description
  2. Identify opportunities to create a learning environment at Lowry that meets the educational and social needs of the students
  3. Identify a dedicated space for computer lab-based library instruction where the Library is responsible for scheduling

5) Operate effectively and strategically

  1. Continue to support staff development that includes professional development in national, state, and local learning communities
  2. Collect, analyze and use assessment data to improve the effectiveness and reach of the Library’s resources and services
  3. Increase opportunities for students to provide feedback on Library collections and services
  4. Identify opportunities to improve customer service
  5. Make-up Testing : identify opportunities to improve cost-effectiveness and efficiency

6) Intentionally design services to support equity, diversity, and inclusion

  1. Hire and retain student workers that reflect the diversity of our students
  2. Identify a location to provide accommodation testing at the Lowry campus
  3. Purchase physical and online collections that represent issues of equity and diversity
  4. Consider and include Inclusive Excellence strategies in all staff annual performance plans
  5. Draft Inclusion Plan to identify and address community needs and gaps in service
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