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Library Testing Service

Make-up and Accommodation Testing

Make-up and Accommodation testing is administered by the Library at the CentreTech Campus and by the Testing Center at the Lowry Campus. 

For Instructors

Choose the proctoring location that is most convenient for your students.  It does not matter where the class is taught.

CentreTech : Submit a test to be proctored at the the Library at CentreTech

Lowry : Submit a test to be proctored at the Testing Center at Lowry

Testing Hours and Locations


Testing is held at:
CentreTech, Student Centre, S202 (The Library)
16000 E CentreTech Parkway
Aurora, CO 80011
Tel: 303-360-4720
Email: Instructor.Testing@CCAurora.edu

Student Testing Hours:
Drop-in testing:

Monday-Thursday 10am - 6pm
Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 1pm


Testing is held at:
Lowry Campus
710 Alton Way, Room 119
Denver, CO 80230
Tel: 303-340-7239
Email: Testing@CCAurora.edu

Student Testing Hours
Testing is by appointment only. Appointment start times are:

Monday-Friday 9am - 3pm

Schedule a testing appointment

Testing Policies for Instructors:

  1. Please read the Make-up and Accomodation Testing Service Policies.
  2. To best accommodate the student's needs you may choose which campus to submit the test to, regardless of where the class is offered.

Testing Policies for Students:

  1. You must have a government issued photo ID or current CCA ID to take a test.
  2. You must know the last name of your instructor.
  3. For CentreTech, please give yourself enough time to take the test within the allotted hours listed above. You can ask your instructor what the time limit on the test will be.
  4. No cell phones - you must turn your cell phone off or on silent while testing. While you may bring it in with you to the testing area, there will be a proctor in the room at all times enforcing the rule.
  5. No headphones.
  6. Students who do not finish the test before the testing centers close will need to submit the incomplete test, and obtain the instructor’s written permission to continue at a later time.
  7. You may only have the items that your instructor has indicated you are allowed to have during an exam (i.e., calculator, notes, book).
  8. Your instructor has indicated a deadline for each test. If that date has passed, you will not be permitted to take the exam.
  9. Children are not allowed in the testing area.
  10. Students are allowed to take in purse/wallet but must be placed under their desk.
  11. Students are not allowed to talk with classmates/friends in the testing center; it is a quiet zone.
  12. When the test is finished, or testing hours have ended, all materials must be returned to the proctor.
  13. All incidents of suspected cheating will be reported to the Instructor, Testing Center Staff, Director of Library Services.


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