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Tips on Taking Good Notes - Part I

1. Sit as close to the front of the classroom as possible, so you can hear and see -- and be heard and seen.

2. Talk to the people over at the Learning Resource Center or "LRC" for any resources available to you on how to improve your note taking abilities.     

3. Try this method: start the notes for each lecture on a new page in your notebook and put the current date on the top of the page.     

4. During the lecture you will write down the main points discussed on the right-hand page of your notebook while your write down the details on the left side.

5. Bring three pens to class with you:

  • Black pen to underline the key points in the lecture
  • Green pen to underline points you're unclear of, and will need to review in more depth later
  • Red pen to highlight the things your instructor says will definitely be on the exam and you should never forget

6. It is useful to leave lots of white space in your notebook for later editing and adding your own useful comments.


from the CCA Office of Student Life

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