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Tips on Taking Good Notes - Part II

Reading research offers some concrete suggestions for effective note taking when reading for comprehension. Suggestions include:

1. Take notes about key ideas in the margin of your books when reading.  Use sticky notes if you don't want to mark in your book.

2. Always put notes in your own words.

3. Make sure your notes center around the relationships between ideas.  Some examples of relationships are:

  • Whole to part
  • General idea to specific examples
  • Types
  • Similarities and/or differences
  • Cause and effect

4. Use charts and graphs to organize the relationships between ideas and to help you create a mental picture of what you learned. This will help you remember the information you study.

5. Take good notes in class, as you may remember more from your written words than from the instructor's spoken words. Also, review your notes for 10 minutes between classes.

6. Study with other students. Teach others the information you are learning. If you can teach someone else you definitely understand what you are reading!


from the Academic Enrichment Department
Read Tips on Taking Good Notes - Part I

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